Revillagigedo & Socorro Islands Expedition

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Conservation & Adventure Expedition – Revillagigedo & Socorro Islands

All Inclusive Liveaboard Scientific Expedition

Mega Fauna of the

Mega Fauna of the "Mexican Galapagos"

Giant mantas, dolphins, 9+ shark species, tuna, huge schools of fish, turtles, even whales.
Shark & Manta Identification & Research

Shark & Manta Identification & Research

with a Marine biologist and shark behavior specialist & all necessary materials are included
All Inclusive Luxury Liveaboard

All Inclusive Luxury Liveaboard

8 days aboard the comfortable luxury - Southern Sport - meal & drinks included
Tech & Gas Management Course

Tech & Gas Management Course

Gas management course with our expert tech and cave diver Chucho - Koox Adventures Owner
All aboard the ship Southern Sport for once-in-a-lifetime diving expeditions to Socorro Islands and the Revillagigedos Archipelago National Park! Join our first-ever scientific expedition. Live aboard the Southern Sport for 8 days and encounter the unique wildlife of the Revillagigedos Archipelago, which can only be experienced when scuba diving in Mexico’s most remote location.

Located in the Pacific about 22 hours sailing southwest of Cabo San Lucas, the Revillagigedo Islands are a group of four volcanic islands: Clarion Island, Isla San Benedicto, and Socorro Island, plus an islet called Roca Partida. The Mexican Government established the islands as a biosphere reserve in 1994, and UNESCO is currently considering whether to give the islands a World Heritage status. This is fitting because of the chain’s one-of-a-kind ecosystem, which gave it its nickname – “the little Galapagos.”

With the Ko’ox team, you’ll head out to San Benedicto, Roca Partida, and Socorro, the home of the Giant Manta Rays. There is a diffusion of species to approach and sometimes interact with too, including Giant Stingrays, Hammerhead Sharks – which can sometimes be seen in schools of sixty or more by day – as well as Silky, Galapagos, and Whale Sharks. Humpback Whales, tuna, turtles and five different types of mackerel haunt the deep blue waters, while fleet schools of Bottlenose Dolphins flit past, and Blue Lobsters hunt the sands beneath. Rarely seen elsewhere, the abundance of beautiful marine life is unique to the Revillagigedo Islands.

Revillagigedo Islands Expedition – 22-30 April 2023 – the Details

Join marine biologist, shark behaviour specialist Olimpia, and expert tech diver Chucho on a trip to Mexico’s most remote location: Revillagigedo Archipelago National Park.

This archipelago is as exotic and exciting as its name suggests. Put all of your love for nature and skills to the test while diving with giant mantas, dolphins, sharks, tunas, and more!

The Southern Sport – a powerful and reliable vessel – will set sail from the port of Cabo San Lucas on Saturday April 22th and return on April 30th.

Here’s the breakdown of what you get once aboard:

    • 🤿8 days in a comfortable luxury liveaboard
    • 🤿6 days of diving – 3 or 4 dives per day
    • 🤿Meals and between dive snacks
    • 🤿National beer and wine after the dives
    • 🤿After dinner workshops and presentations
    • 🤿Gas management course with our expert tech and cave diver Chucho
    • 🤿Shark identification with the guidance of marine biologist and shark expert Olimpia
    • 🤿Great company and specialist marine biologist knowledge about local wildlife and habitats
    • 🤿Necessary materials for research activities
    • 🤿Tanks & weights
    • Price is $4599 – a deposit of  $1000USD is required to reserve your spot by 30.09.2022


    Not included:

    • Dive equipment rental – $25USD per day – (Bringing your own gear is highly encouraged)
    • Park fees $450USD – to be paid in cash when boarding the boat
    • Nitrox: $150USD (optional)
    • Nitrox certification: $150USD (optional)
    • Hotel in Cabo San Lucas – we can recommend some places to you
    • The transfer from the airport to the hotel of your choice

    For any questions: Feel free to contact Olimpia –  our marine biologist & shark behavior expert👇🏼

    Chat with Olimpia

    Reserve Your Spot – Only 4 Left!

    Socorro & Revillagigedo Islands – 22-30.04.2023 Deposit Duration Pay Deposit
    All-Inclusive Scientific Expedition $1000 USD 8 days Book Now

    All prices are per person – price is: $4599USD
    A limited number of spots available – 17 spots left
    The amount is to be paid in parts – first deposit – 1000USD is due by 30.09.2022 or asap.
    We will contact you for the next payments:
    1500USD by 20.DEC 2022
    1500USD BY 20 MAR 2023
    599USD by 15 APR 2023 / or upon arrival
    For any questions: Feel free to contact Olimpia –  our marine biologist & shark behavior expert👇🏼

    Chat with Olimpia

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