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Lionfish Hunt in Tulum

If you are a scuba diver looking for more than just a dive experience, then our lionfish hunt will be perfect for you! Join the KOOX Diving Team for a lionfish eco hunt in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. The warm coastal waters and high visibility (10 – 30 meters) are the perfect conditions for those willing to learn to spearfish, as well as for experienced spear hunters. This scuba diving adventure is a fantastic way to learn spearfishing but also contribute and assist with protecting the stunning coral reefs that you will be diving in. It is a great way to meet a diverse group of like-minded people from all over the world while diving for a good cause.

Why we love Lionfish Spearfishing – because we can help save the reefs – here are some facts

Lionfish, also called Pteroi are comparatively new species to the Caribbean sea. They come from the Pacific and Indian Oceans and the problem with these small fish with ornate beauty rises from the fact that they don’t have predators in the Caribbean sea. It is reported that in 1992, a hurricane damaged an aquarium in Florida, releasing 6 lionfish into Biscayne Bay. Since this accident, lionfish have relentlessly invaded the western Atlantic, devouring over 100 different species of reef fish and crustaceans throughout the Caribbean sea. The natural balance is upset and key species disappear from the area. Marine biologists consider the lionfish as a top threat to the Atlantic marine ecosystem due to their large appetite for other fish and their high reproduction rate. A single female lionfish can spawn over 2 million eggs per year.

By taking part in KOOX lionfish hunting tour you will not only enjoy ocean diving and hunting, but you will also contribute to maintaining a reasonably low population of lionfish.

Interesting fact is that NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) started a campaign, encouraging lionfish consumption. Well known fact is that lionfish is extremely tasty and a healthy choice for the lovers of seafood – high in protein and with low metal levels.

Here is also our featuring in Lonely Planet, in the article Could eating venomous lionfish help save the world’s oceans? they help raise awareness about the need of marine conservation.

Hunting for Lionfish with Koox – the adventure begins

The best news is that you can go lionfish hunting in Riviera Maya all year round. Our KOOX team of experienced divers will give you all the useful tips you may need from how to get close to the fish, special ways to hunt, how to use the spear and more. We at KOOX diving have all the professional equipment you will need for a thrilling spear fishing trip. Best spots for lionfish hunt are the deeper reefs where the population of this invasive fish is abundant. After the hunt, you will have the rare chance to join the Ceviche preparation – taste this exotic fish and to cook it in the traditional Mexican way. This unique opportunity is part of Lionfish project here in Mexico, aiming to help save the local marine life by raising awareness of the problem.

Lion Fish Hunt – *tour currently not available Prices in USD Tour Duration
Lion Fish Hunt – 2 dives from Tulum $204 8am – 1pm
Lion Fish Hunt – 2 dives from Playa del Carmen $204 8am – 1pm
Lion Fish Hunt – 2 dives from Cancun $279 6am – 3pm

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