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Baja California is a paradise for scuba divers, with diverse dive sites, and abundant marine life: sharks, mantas, rays, sea lions, and more. Let us take you scuba diving in La Paz or join an exciting wildlife safari adventure. Hop on a liveaboard to the Revillagigedo & Socorro islands. Ko’ox = Let’s go!

Top Dive Locations & Activities in Baja California

Revillagigedo & Socorro Islands

Revillagigedo & Socorro Islands

La Paz

La Paz

Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari

How to get to Baja California Sur, Mexico?

You can fly from Mexico City directly to La Paz International Airport – Manuel Márquez de León (LAP).

to Loreto (LTO) airport – You can also find direct flights from Los Angeles, CA to the nearby airport in Loreto (LTO) or fly to there via Guadalajara or Tijana if you are already in Mexico. Calafia Airlines offer flights from Loreto to La Paz.

to San Jose Cabo (SJD) airport – You can also fly directly from Spain, the US, and Canada to San Jose Cabo (SJD) airport. Getting from there to La Paz is a 3h 25 min bus ride with Eco Baja Tours buses, available every hour.

Is Baja California good for scuba diving?

Absolutely! Baja California Sur is a fantastic destination. Diving in Baja California Sur is excellent year-round, and each season unveils its own unique marine wonders. During the summer months of June to September, you can anticipate thrilling encounters with magnificent whale sharks and graceful manta rays. As fall arrives from October to December, prepare to be awe-struck by the majestic presence of humpback whales. Winter, spanning from January to March, offers the best visibility for divers, as well as another opportunity to witness the captivating presence of whale sharks and manta rays. Spring, from April to May, brings the enchanting spectacle of graceful mobula rays, playful sea lions, and even the occasional appearance of orcas. With such a diverse array of marine life to encounter throughout the year, Baja California Sur continues to captivate scuba divers with its abundant underwater wonders.

What time of year is best for scuba diving in Baja California Sur?

The best time for diving in Baja California Sur depends on the specific marine encounters you wish to have. If you’re interested in encountering whale sharks and manta rays, the summer months from June to September offer great opportunities. For humpback whale sightings, October to December is ideal. However, if you prioritize excellent visibility and a chance to see whale sharks and manta rays, the winter months from January to March are recommended.

Which are the top diving spots in Baja California?

The top diving spots in Baja California Sur include Fang Ming, an artificial reef resting at Espíritu Santo Island; Los Islotes, renowned for its sea lion colony near La Paz; La Reina, where giant Pacific manta rays can be spotted from June to October; Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, home to schooling jacks and the El Vencedor wreck; Gordo Banks, a seamount attracting pelagic life such as marlin, silky sharks, tuna, and hammerhead sharks; Pelican Rock, featuring abundant macro and pelagic life; Land’s End, where divers can transition between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean and encounter sea lion colonies; Piedra Blanca, offering a reef wall teeming with marine life; Cabo Pearce at Socorro Island, known for schools of hammerheads and whale sharks; and El Boiler at San Benedicto, a gathering spot for giant Pacific manta rays, dolphins, and sharks.

Where to dive in Baja California Sur as a beginner?

For beginners, Baja California Sur offers an ideal setting to take your first plunge into the enchanting world of scuba diving. Expect to be greeted by playful sea lions, gentle whale sharks, graceful manta rays, and an abundance of colorful tropical fish, as you navigate through stunning coral reefs and explore captivating rock formations. The calm and warm waters make it an ideal destination for learning and building confidence in your scuba skills. We’d recommend Rafaelito as the best spot for your scuba diving adventures as a beginner.

Do you need a wetsuit for scuba diving in Baja California?

Gear up for an exhilarating diving experience in Baja California! You may scuba dive without a wetsuit during the summer months. However, for added adventure and warmth, we recommend a 3-5mm wetsuit, along with hoods, gloves, and booties during the cooler seasons. It is all depending on the time of year and your personal comfort, of course.

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