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Technical Deep Diving

You now breathe comfortably underwater and feel like you want to explore deeper, it is time to go beyond recreational scuba diving. Technical diving training empowers you to use advanced gear configuration to make bubbles at deeper than 39m below sea level and stay submerged underwater for longer. Speciality equipment such as sidemount or backmount rebreathers can enhance your open water dive. Tec divers are given the chance to explore secret places, wrecks, deep reefs, unknown to people.

Let’s teach you the basics so that you can safely discover the beauty and serenity of underwater depths, no one else has ever seen before. Koox Dive Masters are certified with: International Diving Research and Exploration Organization (IDREO) & IANTD


Technical & Deep Sea Diving Limitations

  • Dive depth: from 60 feet (18 m) to more than 130 feet (39 m) at sea level
  • Longer immersion time
  • Surface is often inaccessible or distant
  • Overhead environment is present
  • Use of tech dive equipment, dive extras and their configuration – Nitrox and other special gas mixtures
  • Closed circuit rebreathers
  • Required stage / accelerated decompression

Technical Diving Training:

  • Nitrox
  • Trimix
  • Rebreather configuration
  • Backmount, sidemount or frontmount rebreathers
  • PSCR, CCR, ApSCR rebreathers
  • Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV)

Let’s Dive Deeper and Explore Longer – Go beyond scuba diving limits

Technical Diving Courses – IDREO

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Group courses 1-4 people in a group, meeting point Koox Diving Shop

IDREO Deep Explorer 1 $269 / day 5 days Get a Quote
IDREO Deep Explorer 2 $269 / day 5 days Get a Quote
IDREO Full Deep Explorer (1+2) $269 / day 7 days (you save $810) Get a Quote
IDREO Cave Dive Explorer 1 from $1049 5 days Get a Quote
IDREO Cave Dive Explorer 2 from $1049 5 days Get a Quote
IDREO Full Cave Explorer(1+2) from $1269 7 days Get a Quote
IDREO Rebreather Explorer 1 from $649 3 days Get a Quote
IDREO Rebreather Explorer 2 from $989 5 days Get a Quote
IDREO Full Rebreather Explorer(1+2) from $1269 7 days Get a Quote
IDREO Dive Explorer Online Course $99 (save up to 15%) 10.5 hours of content Buy Course

All prices are per person, in a group. All courses include theory, practice, exam by a certified IDREO Explorer instructor, complete diving equipment, tanks and air Nitrox fills. IDREO Dive Explorer Online Class lifetime access is granted via a promo code to use on Udemy, allowing you to save up to 15%. Access code is sent within 24 hours of your purchase. Certification documents are delivered to the shop on the day of the course completion. All IDREO certifications are recognized worldwide.

For private courses, please contact us, so we can provide an exclusive offer for you.

Specialty training also available: PSCR, CCR and ApSCR Rebreather training in backmount, frontmount and sidemount White Arrow Rebreathers.

Specialized diving equipment rentals: high-end Technical and Cave Diving equipment, Rebreather, DPV are available for rent.

Technical Diving Courses – IANTD

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Group courses 1-4 people in a group, meeting point Koox Diving Shop

IANTD Advanced EANx Diver from $269 / day 5 days
IANTD Normoxic Trimix Diver (OC, SCR, CCR) from $269 / day 5 days
Mixer from $229 / day 2 days
Blending Trimix from $229 / day 2 days
IANTD Technical Programs from $269 / day 4 days
Private IANTD Course personalised offer at your convenience


All prices are per person, in a group. All courses are taught by a certified IANTD instructor and include complete diving equipment, tanks and air Nitrox fills. Please mind that study materials and certification are not included in the price. (100 USD extra)

For private courses, please contact us, so we can provide an exclusive offer for you.

How to become deep sea and tec diving certified

1.Dive manuals and theory – online / offline sources: Your adventure of becoming a technical diver is to start with the theory – usually an online course or printed manual. Once you have studied all the theory materials in the dive manual and watched scuba skills videos, it is time to practice optimal breathing gas techniques, stage decompression basics. Get a discounted Udemy IDREO diving course here and start now.

2.Tec diving requires special equipment, discipline and more experience than traditional scuba diving. It is a bit similar to open water dives but with increased pressure due to greater depth. Your technical instructor is to introduce you to optimal breathing gas practices and stage decompression basics, with your health and safety in mind. Tec diving is an advanced level activity, that’s why most tec certification organizations like IDREO and IANTD focus on safety to minimize risk in any situation.

Physical requirement, prerequisites and documentation

Minimum age: the minimum age is 18 years old. There is no maximum age, as long as you are in a good health condition.

Medical conditions statement: you sign a scuba medical form before your start the course confirming you’re fit to dive (PADI medical statement PDF). Please consult your physician, if you are not sure whether your health condition allows you to dive.

Minimum certification and experience

  • Minimum dives for technical diving – minimum of 50 logged dives
  • Advanced Open water certification or any equivalent, preferably beyond Open Water certification
  • Show that you can handle 2 tanks
  • Show that you have good buoyancy

Everyone that meets these criteria qualifies for tech diving certification.

Learning materials

It’s best to have your set of learning materials with you (whether online or printed out), so that you can ask your instructor any questions related to it.

What will you learn?

Depending on the type of course you will take, you will become familiar with using diving gas mixtures, breathing equipment and gear configuration. Most tech courses will introduce you to deep air or extended range diving using:

  • Rebreathers: open-circuit, closed-circuit scuba technology;
  • Gas mixtures such as nitrox, trimix, helitrox;
  • Hypoxic breathing gas mixtures;
  • Buoyancy control principles
  • Safety procedures
  • Dive propulsion vehicles (DPVs);
  • Technical dive planning

Tulum, Riviera Maya – one of the best places to learn technical diving

Riviera Maya offers ideal conditions for technical diving. Secret depths awaiting to be explored are a unique adventure once you have completed your tech diving training. Tulum, is famous worldwide for its wonderful cenotes, caverns and caves. You’ll be lucky to training with Koox Diving professionals, as you will have access to advanced and custom made equipment, available only at few other places around the globe. You will gain actual and valuable experience and learn how to use proper techniques, while on a your Mexican Caribbean vacation. Why not go now?

What diving equipment is required?

Most courses prices include the equipment rental so you should not worry about it. In case you want to practice more and have your first set of own diving scuba gear you can consider this underwater diving equipment list:

  • Back mount backplate
  • Back mount wing
  • Back mounted reg set up with 2 mt long hose
  • 1 Primary light (+4hr)
  • 2 Back up lights (4hr each)
  • 1 Safety spool (80+mts)
  • 1 Primary reel (100+mts)
  • Wetnotes with pencil
  • Bottom timer and compass
  • Back up mask
  • knife
  • SMB with 30mt spool
  • Dive computer

Curious about diving deeper? Keep mastering!

Now that you can explore deeper reefs, wrecks and greater depths you have a solid base of underwater technical diving skills, why not go to the next level – try cave diving training.

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