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About Ko’ox Diving

The word Ko’ox means “Let’s Go” in Mayan. It’s the magical enthusiasm to “Go” dive, kite, tour – just explore the beauty of the world around you. Nature and its abundant wonders make anyone want to go off the beaten trail and dive or snorkel in Mexico, and especially in Tulum.

What we believe:

  • Adventure and exploration is the driving force in life – you can never get enough.
  • Safety is paramount, Fun guaranteed – we want to see more and try more, while having fun, and then come back ready for more.
  • You deserve to have the adventure of a lifetime – that’s why we want to leave nothing, but great memories. Let your videos and photos have their say.
  • Diving is not just a profession, it is a way of life – it’s also our vocation and hobby.
  • We teach respect and responsibility towards the environment – every time we take tourists out, we count on being environmentally cautious – as we want these incredible natural wonders to endure, so that our children and future generations would be able to explore and admire them, as much as we have. That’s why we encourage you to get your reusable water bottle and fill it for free in our dive shop.

Meet the Founders:

Jesús Guzman Diaz (Chucho)

Jesus Guzman cenote angelita-tulum
Jesús is local to Tulum, a dive explorer who knows his area so well, that he have helped discovering and mapping several cenotes in Mexico, together with National Geographic. When Jesús isn’t diving, he is spending time with his two lovely kids. He also loves surfing, and if the wind is right he can be found on a wave somewhere. He is also the co-founder of the first true wood surfboards called XookBoards.


Rune Sovndahl

Rune Sovndahl KooxRune is a Danish born entrepreneur, angel investor and Public speaker. When Rune isn’t working on building apps, software, marketing and digital products, he has a passion for cave diving and exploring. He is known for his mission to make cleaning services fantastic with the largest UK home services company Fantastic Services. Rune is based in Europe, but he travels the world often. He is not afraid to dive with bullsharks or even do some sky diving.

You can follow Rune’s travel adventures on Instagram.

Keep up to date with his business ventures on CrunchBase and on LinkedIn.

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