Swim with the Gentle Giants

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Amazing Whale Shark Encounters

Swim with the Biggest Shark in the World – The Gentle Giant – Whale Shark

Come swim with the largest, living fish on the planet! Scratch it off your bucket list and make memories for a lifetime. It’s hard to imagine what it feels to be swimming close to these strikingly big, but gentle giants of the oceans. Join Ko’ox team and experience a real adventure, awe-inspiring sights and life-changing moments while diving with whale sharks. Swimming with the biggest shark in the world will open your eyes for the important role they play in the ecosystem and the need to conserve these magnificent creatures.

In recent years whale sharks have been sighted in warmer areas and tropical waters. That is why they favour Mexico’s coastal areas and return yearly to the Yucatan peninsula to feed and mate. A proof to that is the largest gathering of whale sharks recorded in 2011, when more than 400 whale sharks were spotted off the Yucatan coast. These seasonal gatherings are regular and reach largest number of whale sharks from June to September, when bonito spawn and plankton blooms. That’s namely when you can enjoy swimming with whale sharks.

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8 people small group visits – every day, meeting points available: Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras
Please mind that we might change the date of the tour, to make sure you will get to see whale sharks
Prices are fixed, regardless of the number of people in the group.
All prices include Free Snorkel Equipment rental
Please mind that Whale Shark Season is from June to September.
For private Whale Shark tours, please contact us, so we can provide an exclusive offer for you.

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Why we love swimming with Whale Sharks

These humongous fish can grow up to 12 meters long and weigh more than 20 tonnes while feeding on only the tiniest ocean organisms – plankton. Their mouth is massive and can reach 1.5 m width, containing 300 to 350 rows of tiny teeth, which it uses to filter feed. Whale sharks are beautiful creatures with distinctive appearance. They are grey with a white belly, their body is covered by unique pattern of pale yellow spots and bars. The pattern of spots around the gill area is unique to each individual. Fascinating fact is that as a fish, whale shark’s skeleton is entirely built of cartilage, not bones.

Little is known about how these elusive giants mate. Much of the sharks’ lives occur in open sea, where it’s hard to be observed. Female sharks produce eggs, which hatch inside of the mother unlike most fish. Then, the female gives birth to about 300 baby sharks. Scientists estimate that they live from 70 to 100 years, but don’t become sexually mature until their early 30’s.

Whale sharks are intelligent animals and doesn’t present any danger to humans. What is more, they sometimes allow swimmers to interact with them.

Whale Shark Snorkel Tour with Koox – the adventure is real – from June to September

Your Whale Shark Snorkel adventure will start at 5am, when we will meet and get into the van to get to Cancun. We will then catch a boat and head to a speacial location near Isla Mujeres. This is where whale sharks feed themselves with plankton. It is a remarkable opportunity to swim and snorkel with whale sharks and explore the beautiful and diverse underwater world. The trip will take us about 2 hours, so make sure you put on comfy clothes, have your bathing suit underneath and don’t forget your biodegradable sunscreen. On board, together with the Koox instructors will discuss and plan the swim. You will get acquainted with the snorkel gear and hear useful information about whale sharks. And the rest is breathtaking sights, excitement and admiration. After snorkeling with these magnificent creatures, It’s hard to leave the ocean and go back to land.

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