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Top 10 Must-Try Mexico Traditional Foods And Where To Find Them

February 22nd, 2019
Mexico City is renowned for being one of the greatest in the world for food. And authentic Mexican dishes are bursting with flavour. There are endless restaurants serving Mexico typical foods from all areas of the country. With a little research, you can plan your meals around local schedules. And get a real insight into the Mexico foods culture. Regional Variations Mexico cultural foods differ from region to region. Every state has its own version of popular foods in Mexico. Northern cuisine includes seafood, stews, and pulled-pork dishes. National key dishes in the central regions comprise of squash-vine soups and...   Continue Reading...
Playa Del Carmen Mexico

What to pack for a one week vacation in Playa Del Carmen

February 11th, 2019
What to pack for a one week vacation in Playa Del Carmen There are two stunning white-sand beaches within 45 minutes of Playa del Carmen. Combine that with the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea. Be amazed at the richness of marine life that you can watch, swim, and dive with. Then there’s the attraction of the Mayan ruins. It’s no wonder that this location has become a major attraction for tourists in recent years. So, what to pack for a one-week vacation in Playa del Carmen? Read on… Clothing Linen and cotton shorts are light and ideal for hot conditions. As...   Continue Reading...
Cenote Diving Photography

Cenote Diving Photography: How To Shoot The Cenotes Near Playa del Carmen

February 5th, 2019
It’s just a 45-minute drive from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. And here you’ll be able to take part in a whole range of unique dive adventures. Whether you’re an advanced diver or simply a beginner. The reefs host a magnificent marine life. From crabs and lobsters to eagle rays and bull sharks. And with a few helpful tips, you can record them all! Want to know more about cenote diving photography: how to shoot the cenotes near Playa del Carmen? Read on… General Tips If you’re a complete beginner, you need to know that beams of sunlight filtering through...   Continue Reading...
Paamul Beach

Visiting The White-Sands Of Paamul Beach

January 14th, 2019
Visiting The White-Sands Of Paamul Beach Ever heard of Paamul? It’s a small neighbourhood in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. And has become famous for its peaceful bay just about 10 miles from Playa del Carmen. It’s surrounded by lush jungles and coral reefs. And offers miles of unspoiled beaches. When you plan on visiting the white-sands of Paamul beach get all the information you need here… A Little History In the Mayan language, Paamul actually translates into a hill destroyed. Indicating that it once was an ancient Mayan settlement. Over 40 years ago a coconut plantation was founded...   Continue Reading...
Cave Diving

The Ultimate Guide to Cave Diving in Mexico

January 11th, 2019
The Ultimate Guide to Cave Diving in Mexico Mexico is one of the most popular cave diving destinations in the world. Perhaps the most popular. Why is that? Well, for a start it has wonders of the natural world like the Sistema Sac Actun – the longest underwater cave system on the planet (this was confirmed in 2018 when explorers discovered that the huge Sistema Nohoch Nah Chich and Sistema Dos Ojos were connected). But there's one not-so-secret weapon in Mexico's cave diving arsenal: Cenotes. Cenotes are the truly stunning natural sinkholes of the Yucatan Peninsula. Filled with water. Filled...   Continue Reading...