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How does a snorkel work?

June 17th, 2019
How Does A Snorkel Work? Snorkelling involves swimming underwater with a clear plastic mask and a tube to breathe through. This piece of equipment is known as a snorkel. You can actually watch the marine life by simply floating face-down on the surface. Without disturbing the underwater scenery. Or you can dive underwater and swim with the fishes. How does a snorkel work? Read on… Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions How does a snorkel work underwater? Modern dry snorkels use advanced technology and are light and effective. A plastic cover over the top of the snorkel stops water coming...   Continue Reading...
Jordan from Expedition Drenched

Top 9 Cenotes for Scuba Divers with Jordan from Expedition Drenched

June 11th, 2019
Top 9 Cenotes for Scuba Divers with Jordan from Expedition Drenched Jordan is a scuba diver and an underwater videographer, that recently had the chance to travel to Tulum Mexico to dive the world-famous cenotes with Koox Diving. There are thousands of cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula of which there are dozens that are fairly accessible and pretty popular with divers, so she had a hard time trying to decide which dives she wanted to book. That is why she decided to create her top nine cenotes for scuba divers list to show some of the highlights of each dive...   Continue Reading...
Casa Cenote

Must-Dive Cenotes For Open Water Divers

June 10th, 2019
Must-Dive Cenotes For Open Water Divers A cenote is a natural underground basin of water. Resulting from the collapse of overhead limestone bedrock that exposes the water underneath. Often known as sinkholes these cenotes create vast reservoirs where fresh groundwater meets saltwater that seeps in from the ocean through underground channels. Generating magical halocline effects. When you go cenote diving near Playa del Carmen., you’ll experience fossils, cave formations, an abundant marine life. And stunning light effects. See must-dive cenotes for open water divers here… Casa Cenote This cenote found just 37 miles south of Playa del Carmen is ideally...   Continue Reading...
Why Don't Sharks Attack Scuba Divers?

Why Do Sharks Not Attack Scuba Divers?

June 4th, 2019
Why Don't Sharks Attack Scuba Divers? Voluntarily entering the home environment of a widely feared apex predator sounds like a slightly crazy thing to do. In fact, providing it's done respectfully the odds of being attacked by a shark while scuba diving are minuscule. Despite the hype and horror stories, there are, on average around ten deaths caused by sharks per year, worldwide. And the majority of those are surfers or swimmers, not divers. Since divers choose to interact with sharks, while swimmers and surfers would clearly prefer not to, this may seem surprising. Why do sharks not attack scuba...   Continue Reading...
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What To Wear Under A Wetsuit

May 31st, 2019
What To Wear Under A Wetsuit Experienced scuba divers know exactly what wetsuits to use. Taking into account the type and thickness of the wetsuit, the location of the zip, and how the wetsuit fits. And all these factors can easily be learned by a novice. But another consideration to consider when you’re starting out is what to wear under a wetsuit? Find out more here… The Reasons for Wearing Undergarments What do you wear under a wetsuit? This frequently asked question can be answered simply – it’s entirely up to you. Deciding what to wear depends on the environment...   Continue Reading...