Playacar Beach

Things To Do In Playa del Carmen When Not Snorkelling Or Diving

August 13th, 2018
Things To Do In Playa del Carmen When Not Snorkelling Or Diving Playa del Carmen is renowned for its underground water-filled caves and crystal clear waters where you can snorkel and dive to your hearts content. But this popular tourist destination has so much more to offer – from the picturesque golf courses to the large outdoor eco-parks – here are some things to do in Playa del Carmen when not snorkelling or diving… Beaches There are lots of different beaches along the front – and all of them are free. The beach in front of Parque Fundadores has great...   Continue Reading...
San Gervasio Mayan ruins

Exploring the San Gervasio Mayan ruins in Cozumel

August 7th, 2018
Exploring the San Gervasio Mayan ruins in Cozumel Cozumel Island is the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean. It is situated off the eastern coast of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, opposite Playa del Carmen, and close to the Yucatán Channel. The municipality is part of the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is home to the San Gervasio ruins which have an important historical-cultural significance on the island. History of the Mayan Settlement The San Gervasio ruins have a history which dates back to 100 BC and extends through to the 16th century. This is around the time when the Maya...   Continue Reading...
How to get from Cancun to Cozumel

How to get from Cancun to Cozumel

August 1st, 2018
How to get from Cancun to Cozumel     With its reputation as being one the best places to go scuba diving in the world, the tiny Caribbean island of Cozumel is a sought-after destination among divers. As well as being great for lovers of white sand beaches, cerulean blue waters and the tropics. Situated just off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Cozumel International Airport is an option if you want to fly direct. But for visitors already in the country wondering how to get from Cancun to Cozumel, or if it’s cheaper or easier for you...   Continue Reading...
Revillagigedo Islands

A Trip to the Revillagigedo Islands and back

July 28th, 2018
A Trip to the Revillagigedo Islands and back If you're looking to spend your diving holiday in a place that's well and truly away from the commercial centres of mass tourism, you should consider a trip to the Revillagigedo Archipelago. A remote location, and world class diving in a unique marine environment combine to make a trip to the islands an unforgettable experience. Where is the Revillagigedo Archipelago? The Revillagigedo is a group of islands, located 390 kilometres southwest of Cabo San Lucas, the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico. Even the largest of these islands, Isla...   Continue Reading...
Coba Ruins

Into the Footsteps of Indiana Jones: Deep into The Ancient Mayan Ruins Of Coba in Mexico

July 25th, 2018
Into the Footsteps of Indiana Jones: Deep into The Ancient Mayan Ruins Of Coba in Mexico   Want to see ancient Mayan step pyramids which are still in their natural state? Want to be able to actually climb the ruins themselves rather than look at from afar? If so, the Coba Ruins in Mexico are perhaps your best choice around. Less crowded than the better known Chichen Itzá, they have been left to withstand the rigors of time naturally. Plus, the huge site features many different options for getting yourself around. Walking through jungle paths, biking, canoeing and even zip...   Continue Reading...
World Free Dive Record

Alexey Molchanov 130m World Record Dive at vb2018

July 24th, 2018
Watch the Incredible 130m World Free Dive Record - Vertical Blue 2018 Alexey Molchanov - a 31 year-old Russian freediver made an outstanding performance at 2018 Origin ECN Vertical Blue competition in the Bahamas. He dove the incredible 130m in Constant weight (CWT). He held his breath underwater for nearly 4 minutes. Witness this inhumane performance below - the 2018 Free Diving World Record - source: VB Freediving
sian ka'an

Journey into the Wild: Visiting Sian Ka’an

July 19th, 2018
Journey into the Wild: Visiting Sian Ka'an It's one of the lesser-known gems of the Mexican Caribbean coast, so it's quite possible that you've never heard of Sian Ka'an. And yet it's an area of outstanding natural beauty, and since 1986 has been a designated Biosphere Reserve. It's also a UNESCO world heritage site, the largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean. Offering both stunning natural beauty and unrivaled opportunities to see a vast range of flora and fauna Sian Ka'an is an absolute 'must see' for any visitor to Tulum. Where Exactly is Sian Ka'an? Sian Ka'an Tulum is...   Continue Reading...
Dos Ojos cenote

PADI Women Dive Day 2018

July 16th, 2018
Celebrate PADI Women’s Dive Day 2018 in Tulum with Koox Diving PADI Women's Dive day is just a couple of days away. Are you excited already? Because we certainly are.  On 21 July 2018 divers around the world will celebrate the special day for the third time. Let's join the cause that unites divers from every corner of the globe around the idea of making diving and diving gear more accessible to women. We, at Koox Diving Tulum are very excited to join the party with a special event and discounts. PADI Women’s Dive Day Weekend 2018 - 20 % off on all...   Continue Reading...
Muyil Ruins

Visiting the Mayan Muyil Ruins in Mexico

July 11th, 2018
Visiting the Mayan Muyil Ruins in Mexico If you've ever fancied a trip to Mexico, then be sure to fit a visit into Muyil (also known as Chunyaxché). Here you'll discover some of the most breath-taking and stunning views of the Muyil Ruins, a place once inhabited by the Mayans. Now it is an archaeological site which is frequented by many thousands of tourists every year. Location Located in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Muyil is around 20 minutes from Tulum or 1.5 hours from Cancun. Muyil is the most notable of the 22 pre-Hispanic settlements of the Sian Ka’ and is...   Continue Reading...

How to Save Money on Your Trip to Cozumel, Cancun, and other Yucatan Destinations

July 6th, 2018
How to Save Money on Your Trip to Cozumel, Cancun, and other Yucatan Destinations While Cancun, Cozumel, Riviera Maya, and other Yucatan destinations often have a reputation of being expensive, they don’t have to drain your bank account if you know where to look. In fact, this region can be very affordable and accessible to everyone on a tight budget. In order to make the most of your time and money in the area, we’ve assembled some of the best tips and advice for saving money in the Yucatan for your next vacation. Cheap and Free Activities Looking for something...   Continue Reading...