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Wreck Diving in the Caribbean Sea  – All You Need to Know

July 7th, 2020
Wreck Diving in the Caribbean Sea  - All You Need to Know The Caribbean sea offers great conditions for all kinds of water activities. For sure more than once you have seen a movie about a wreckage and a group of heroes descending against strong currents to find an amazing treasure or an archeological discovery that could change history as we know it. Well, you don't need to be a hero or an archaeologist to explore the remains of a ship or a plane underwater. What is Wreck Diving? For recreational diving, exploring ship wreckages, aircrafts or any artificial structure, no...   Continue Reading...
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Can you fly after scuba diving?

June 25th, 2020
Can I fly after scuba diving? We are asked this question often. When is it safe to fly? If I book a dive on Friday can I fly on Saturday? If I dive in the morning can I fly in the afternoon? When is it safe to fly? The answer to those questions varies depending on where you get the information from. So maybe the right question should be: How long after scuba diving should I wait before I can fly? Unfortunately, as said before, there's not a straight answer to these questions, to give you a rough idea about it:...   Continue Reading...
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How to Breathe Underwater While Scuba Diving?

June 18th, 2020
How to Breathe Underwater While Scuba Diving? - The Complete Manual for Beginners The very first rule of life is to breathe! It is the same when you’re diving. When you’re breathing calmly everything is better than perfect! In this post, we will explain everything you need to know about the experience of breathing underwater. We will answer all the questions that you might have in your head before you sail the waves! Is it hard to breathe while diving? It is not hard, definitely, but you need to get used to it, learn how to control it, and improve...   Continue Reading...

Can You Swim With A Spray Tan?

May 26th, 2020
Can You Swim With A Spray Tan? A spray tan is a beauty treatment where the body is sprayed with chemical products that react with the skin to produce an artificial suntan. An expertly applied spray tan gives a perfect sun-kissed glow – and lets you look fabulous in swimwear whilst avoiding dangerous UV exposure. Can you swim with a spray tan? This frequently asked question will be answered here. Read more about spray tan and swimming below… Spray Tan Data Before you get a spray tan you need to exfoliate properly. You can do this with an exfoliating mitt...   Continue Reading...
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Swimming After Piercing: Here Is What You Need To Know

May 20th, 2020
Swimming After Piercing: Here Is What You Need To Know Piercing is defined as a small hole in the body made to insert a ring, stud, or other pieces of jewellery. New piercings need looking after – it’s essential to keep the area clean and dry. When you decide to swim, you need to keep wounds as clean and sterile as possible. Look at swimming after piercing: here is what you need to know… Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Can you swim after getting ears pierced? You can but you need to avoid swimming after ear piercing for at...   Continue Reading...