Go Beyond Human Capabilities

Freediving Courses in Cenotes, Mexico

Freediving is the most natural form of diving – the so-called apnea or holding your breath underwater while performing various activities. If you do like the challenge to dive underwater without equipment and overcome the natural human limitations – then freediving is for you.

Underwater formation photo by Andre Musgrove with freediver Johnny DeepUnderwater photo by: Andre Musgrove with freediver: Johnny Deep, support & guidance Ko’ox Diving

This is the unique underwater sport of the ultimate human capabilities – you learn to fully rely on your own body, to control your breath, to master the art of apnea so you can get deeper and deeper. It’s redefining your own limits and expanding your mental and physical capabilities.
No wonder freediving has gained popularity recently as a competitive sport. The natural beauty of it is at the core of underwater photography and video making. Mermaiding is also another cool trendy hobby and for some freedivers and underwater models like our friends MermaidKat, Sabine Banet, for example, it is a professional occupation.

Underwater photo by: Jesus Guzman Diaz – Chucho (Ko’ox Diving) with model: MermaidKat, photographer: Ian Grey, support & guidance Ko’ox Diving

Tulum and Playa del Carmen have the perfect conditions – both the crystal clear cenotes and the warm Caribbean sea waters. What a better place on earth to try or learn to free dive?

Freediving gives you the absolute freedom underwater

Freedivers develop some admirable skills while getting the unique chance to explore the underwater world like its natural inhabitants. Scuba diving air bubbles can sometimes scare some animals, but freediving makes you able to get as close as possible to the underwater creatures.

What are the benefits of Freediving:

  • Improved Physical health – increased body strength, endurance and vitality. Breathing exercises incorporated in freediving are quite similar to yoga, which would increase your lungs oxygen capacity.
  • Improved Mental health – mastering concentration and relaxation as an intrinsic part of slowing your breath. Freediving teaches you self-discipline, control and increases your inward powers.
  • Improved flexibility – with every deep breath you take, just like in yoga, again, you stretch your entire body and open your chest wide. Joint pain is also greatly alleviated while under pressure in water.

What are the Freediving benefits to other sports:

Underwater photo by: Andre Musgrove with model: Sabine Banet, support & guidance Ko’ox Diving

  • Become a better Scuba diver – if you are scuba diver, freediving would help you control your air consumption even better – the various breathing techniques used will help you be more relaxed. But please mind that scuba diving movements and breathing techniques are a lot different in nature. All in all, the more time you spend underwater, either scuba diving or freediving, the more confident and comfortable diver you’ll get.
  • Master Underwater safety as a Surfer – big wave surfers need to handle themselves well in extreme underwater situations and that’s when freediving comes quite handy. Catching big waves usually involves adrenaline pumping and a potential wipe-out situation afterwards could be dangerous. Efficient breath-holding and relaxation techniques would make dangerous underwater situations easier to handle.

Prices for SSI Freediving Courses in Cenotes

Freediving Courses from Tulum Prices / person Duration Book Now
SSI LEVEL 1 FREEDIVER – up to 20 m (66ft) 370USD 2 days Book Now
SSI LEVEL 2 FREEDIVER – up to 30 m (99ft) 470USD 3 days Book Now
SSI LEVEL 3 FREEDIVER up to 40 m (120ft) 470USD 3 days Book Now
Freediving Courses from Playa del Carmen Prices / person Duration Book Now
SSI LEVEL 1 FREEDIVER – up to 20 m (66ft) 370USD 2 days Book Now
SSI LEVEL 2 FREEDIVER – up to 30 m (99ft) 470USD 3 days Book Now
SSI LEVEL 3 FREEDIVER up to 40 m (120ft) 470USD 3 days Book Now

Prices include:

  • International SSI certification
  • Complete freediving gear set
  • Digital learning materials
  • Transportation from our dive shops in Tulum or Playa del Carmen
  • Cenotes entrance fees
  • Refreshing drinks and lunch
  • Photos and video

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