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Professional Cave Dive Training in Tulum, Mexico

Eager to explore overhead environments and new depths? Basic recreational diving skills, such as Open water certification will take you only to the cave entrance and not allow you to fully explore the caverns. Growing your experience and enhancing your technical diving abilities will let you go deeper into the cave system, beyond the sunlight reach to see the stalactite and stalagmite formations, never touched by light.

Cave Diving Limitations

Let’s teach you the basics so that you can safely discover the beauty and serenity of underwater depths, no one else has ever seen before. Feel free to also check our specially compiled guide – The Ultimate Guide to Cave Diving in Mexico by divers for divers.

Koox Cave Dive Masters work in cooperation with IANTD to bring you the highest quality cave diving education.


Cave Diving Courses – IANTD

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Group courses 1-4 people in a group, meeting point Koox Diving Shop

IANTD Introductory Cave Diver (OC, RSCR, RCCR) $1749 min 5 days Book Now
IANTD Cave Diver (OC Only) $1749 5 days Book Now
IANTD Technical Cave Diver (OC Only) $3149 9 days Book Now

Price includes:

  • Essentials for Diving – IANTD refreshment course
  • Academic Sessions
  • Confined Water Sessions
  • Open Water Sessions
  • Exam by an IANTD certified instructor
  • Full Cave Diving Equipment Set & Tanks
  • Dive spots entrance fees
  • Free Nitrox
  • Water in refillable bottles, light snacks
  • Go Pro & video lights rental

Not included: (a total of 100 USD extra): E-book learning materials, All certification documents upon completion
All prices are per person, in a group. Certification documents are delivered to the shop on the day of the course completion. All IANTD certifications are recognized worldwide.

Specialty training also available: PSCR, CCR and ApSCR Rebreather training in backmount, frontmount and sidemount White Arrow Rebreathers.

Specialized diving equipment rentals: high-end Technical and Cave Diving equipment, Rebreather, DPV are available for rent.

Cave diving limitations:

Chikin Ha Cenote

  • Cavern dive depth: 40m / 120ft of depth
  • Cavern dive penetration: in the “lightzone” up to 60m / 200ft into the cave system;
  • Cave dive depth: further away from the entrance;
  • Cave dive penetration: into the cave system beyond the sunlight reach;
  • Penetration is beyond “lightzone”
  • Cave or cave-like confined overhead environment is present
  • Cave diving certification is required for exploring caves, mines, wrecks;
  • For your own safety, please, do respect the cave and your own limitations.
  • Please do not overestimate your abilities.
  • Dive only as deep and as long as your current certification permits.


How to become cave diving certified

Cave Diving

1.Dive manuals and theory – online / offline sources: If you are eager to know how to train for cave diving, you will be happy to learn that the dive manuals and videos are already available online, so you can start your training immediately. Your cave diving adventure can start at home with the full set of diving manuals and videos. Home preparation can save you valuable time on-site, when you are set for your practice course.

2. Cave diving requires a special dive equipment configuration, suitable for confined overhead environment. It is a serious adventure, where the focus on safety is crucial due to the absence of natural light and distance from the cave entrance and the water surface.

Physical requirement, prerequisites, and documentation

Minimum age: the minimum age is 18 years old. There is no maximum age, as long as you are in good health condition.

Medical conditions statement: you sign a scuba medical form before you start the course confirming you’re fit to dive. Please consult your physician, if you are not sure whether your health condition allows you to dive.

Minimum certification and experience

  • Minimum dives for cave diving – a minimum of 20 logged dives
  • Advanced Open water certification
  • Show that you can hover in the water
  • Show that you have good buoyancy

Everyone that meets these criteria qualifies for cave diving certification course.

Learning materials

We recommend you have your set of learning materials with you when you are onsite for cave diving practice. This way you can ask any questions and discuss the subject matter with your instructor

What will you learn?

You will become familiar with safe penetration in confined water overhead environment, using special breathing equipment, guideline, torches and gear configuration. Most cave diving courses cover:

  • Use of guidelines
  • Cave environment penetration
  • Navigation
  • Diving gas management
  • Sidemount / backmount equipment configuration
  • Cave dive planning


How long does it take to get cave diver certification?

Dreamgate Cenote
Cave diving training usually takes about a week – 6-9 days for completion of a Full cave diving course with a minimum of 20 hours in water time, 4 different cave entrances and minimum penetration of 500 meters (1500 feet). Depending on the degree of certification and the diving gas mixtures and equipment configuration used, time for completion may vary. Practice and repetition are needed so that you can be a safer and more confident diver with every training session you have.

Tulum, Riviera Maya – one of the best places for cave diving training

Tajma Ha Cenote
Riviera Maya (Playa del Carmen, Tulum etc) represents a natural area abundant in underwater cave formations. Each cenote, the world-known sinkholes, is actually the entrance to a cave that can be observed from recreational divers, up to the light zone, but also explored from the inside by certified cave divers. With more than 18 cenotes and some of the longest cave systems in the world such as : Dos Ojos, Taj ma, Gran Cenote, Chac Mool and many more, Mexico and Yucatan peninsula it is definitely one of the best cave diving locations where you can learn and practice while on holiday.

What diving equipment is required?

There are many ways to modify your cave diving equipment configuration. Our courses include equipment rental:

  • Backplate with Harness & Crotchstrap
  • Backmount Wing
  • Back-mounted reg set up with 2 MT long hose
  • 1 Primary light (+4hr)
  • 2 Back up light (4hr each)
  • 1 Safety spool (80+mts)
  • 1 Jump spool (50+ MT)
  • 1 Primary reel (100+mts)
  • 3 Non directional markers
  • Wetnotes with pencil
  • Bottom timer and compass
  • Back up mask
  • Manifold Twin Tanks

Important: Respect the Cave and your own limitations

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Now you have a solid base of underwater cave diving skills, why not become a dive instructor? Check the options: Dive Master.

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