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Puerto Aventuras

There’s more than one reason why people go scuba diving in Peurto Aventuras. For a start, it’s situated close to the stunning Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. This huge reef system is home to a vibrant array of marine flora and fauna. Turtles. Stingrays. Thousands of tropical fish species. Swimming with bull sharks is also an option off the coast of nearby Playa del Carmen. And the town is also very close to some of the unique and beautiful cenotes for which the Yucatan Peninsula is probably best known.
All in all, it makes a great base for your Mexican diving adventure.

Where is it?

Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras itself is a town which lies on the Caribean coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Largely styling itself a luxury marina, the town is mainly a relaxing residential resort. It attracts families primarily. But it’s also a good location if you want to visit all of the other sites which the Yucatan has to offer. Day and part-day trips to places such as the Coba Ruins or the wonderful eco and national parks are easily possible. You can then return to where you’re staying by the evening and get in a round of golf, try some deep sea fishing or just chill out on the tropical white sand beaches.

The currents offshore here are gentle, making it the ideal place to dive no matter your level of diving experience. But there are several deeper parts of the reef and other sites in the area which do demand advanced skills.

When is the best time of year to go scuba diving near Puerto Aventuras?

Puerto Aventuras

Much like the rest of the Caribean, you can go diving in Puerto Aventuras all year round. The waters are almost never cooler than 25ºC and sometimes reach as high as 30ºC. There are probably only around fifty days a year where you won’t have great conditions. All you need to do is keep checking the weather forecast during late summer and fall to make sure there are no hurricanes incoming. Otherwise, you’re set to dive.

Between December and April is the busy tourist season. This means more people diving and generally slightly higher prices. But it also means you get the best weather out of the water.

Moving into the May to September period, it’s technically the off-season. However, you’re more likely to have fewer crowds. The conditions are also perfect for diving in the Yucatan Peninsula’s cenotes.

What are the best Puerto Aventuras dive sites?

Puerto Aventuras
Some of the best Puerto Aventuras dive sites can be found at:
1) The inner and middle reef – Pedegral and North Ruinas

The offshore Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is the second largest in the world after the Great Barrier Reef near Australia. It’s got a lot to offer. Particularly if you’re a fan of warm, crystal-clear waters, a truly jaw-dropping range of coral and fish species and sea turtles. Which, let’s face it, most people are! You can also swim with bull sharks and whale sharks at certain times of the year.
Sites around the inner and middle sections of the reef are better for less experienced divers. The areas called Pedegral and North Ruinas are particularly well thought of. Pedegral is around twelve meters down and North Ruinas around thirty meters.

2) The outer reef

As you go out further from the shore you will find that the diving skills you need to really enjoy what the reef has to offer you rapidly ramp up. If you’re a more experienced diver you’ll enjoy some of the challenges which the sites on the outer reef can throw at you.

3) The wreck of the Mama Vina

Twenty meters down, not far off the coast of the Xcaret Eco Park, you will find the wreck of the Mama Vina. This used to be a shrimp boat but it was deliberately sunk back in 1995 to form the base of an artificial reef. This is now thriving. You can actually enter the wreck and see the coral and wildlife inside. But you will need some advanced skills to get down there and inside safely.

4) Diving in cenotes – Dos Ojos highly recommended

You can’t go scuba diving in Puerto Aventuras or anywhere on the Yucatan Peninsula without visiting one of the famous cenotes. Many have their own unique features and it’s well worth going to several if you have the time. But if you absolutely, positively can only fit one into your trip, go to Cenote Dos Ojos. It’s going to give you everything you could possibly want from your cenote diving experience. And more.

Visiting Puerto Aventuras for snorkelling

Puerto Aventuras

Many people visit Puerto Aventuras for snorkelling too. The amazingly clear waters paired with soft currents combine to make the ideal conditions for examining the dynamic and colourful coral formations and marine wildlife which is so ever-present in the local area. Tropical fish, eels, lobsters, stingrays and other rarer marine creatures can regularly be seen. You’re also conveniently close to Akumal, which is well known as a snorkel haven.

Plus, being based in Puerto means you’re pretty central as far as the rest of the Peninsula is concerned. There are a whole lot of things to do in Puerto Aventuras and the surrounding area. The whole of the Riviera Maya is your playground. (This is the so-called Mayan Riviera, a long stretch of the Yucatan Peninsula’s Caribean coast which is dotted with wondrous sites to see and things to do.) You can wait until darkness falls in Puerto Aventuras for snorkeling at night. Plus, there’s all of this in the local area:

Visit the white sands of the spectacular Xpu-ha beach

Explore the glorious Ecopark Kantun Chi, which contains five cenotes

Climb the ancient Mayan Ruins of Coba

Chan Yu Yum is a beach snorkeling location that the whole family can enjoy

But as far as unique snorkeling experiences go, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat the local area’s cenotes. You can snorkel in most of them. Leaving with unforgettable memories of your time in Mexico.

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