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What Is A Dive Knife?

July 15th, 2019
What Is A Dive Knife? A dive knife is a tool that divers may need to use to cut fish lines that have become entangled around marine life – or to knock on tanks to get a buddy’s attention. They’re essential for wreck diving as tangled ropes and underwater plants are often encountered and need to be released. They’re never used as a weapon or to harm the underwater environment. What is a dive knife? Do you need to have one? Find out more here… Dive Knife Facts and Features Modern dive knives are made from different blade materials –...   Continue Reading...

How To Swim With Flippers

July 8th, 2019
How To Swim With Flippers Learning to swim with fins is highly recommended as it allows you to move through the water much more easily. You don’t get as tired – and you won’t scare away the marine life you’re expecting to see when you go snorkelling! An effective kick technique is improved when you know how to use fins that are right for you. See how to swim with flippers here… See Answers to Frequently Asked Questions How do I choose swim-fins? There are basically two types of fins used for snorkelling – paddle fins and split fins. And...   Continue Reading...
Scuba Diving

What are the bends in scuba diving?

July 3rd, 2019
What are the bends in scuba diving? The bends – more properly known as decompression sickness – are something you need to be very aware of when scuba diving. If you dive deep, if you dive for a long time or you come back up too fast, well... That's when decompression sickness can be a serious danger. In fact, in extreme cases, it can kill you. But don't worry: In this article, you will learn all about decompression sickness, the symptoms of the bends and how to avoid them. What is decompression sickness? Decompression sickness (DCS) or “the bends” is...   Continue Reading...
Scuba diving

How Many Calories Do You Burn Scuba Diving?

June 24th, 2019
How Many Calories Do You Burn Scuba Diving? Scientific research has shown that scuba diving is a low impact exercise activity that not only keeps you fit and healthy but also helps you lose weight! Diving is energy consuming – especially when the body is subject to significantly lower temperatures than normal – using more calories as needs are increased. How many calories do you burn scuba diving? Find out here… Facts and Figures As a rough guide scuba diving can use from 400 to 700 calories each hour. The actual number of calories burned can change due to different...   Continue Reading...

How does a snorkel work?

June 17th, 2019
How Does A Snorkel Work? Snorkelling involves swimming underwater with a clear plastic mask and a tube to breathe through. This piece of equipment is known as a snorkel. You can actually watch the marine life by simply floating face-down on the surface. Without disturbing the underwater scenery. Or you can dive underwater and swim with the fishes. How does a snorkel work? Read on… Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions How does a snorkel work underwater? Modern dry snorkels use advanced technology and are light and effective. A plastic cover over the top of the snorkel stops water coming...   Continue Reading...