Playa del Carmen

The Weather in Playa del Carmen: When To Visit And Why

Choosing your holiday destination was easy. Playa del Carmen offers you all the attractions you want and more! Sadly, you can never guarantee the weather. But with a little research you can arrange to go in the month that best suits your vacation needs. Here’s your weather guide to Playa del Carmen: when to visit and why…

Weather Overview

The subtropical climate of Playa del Carmen means the weather is warm or hot for the majority of the year. The coolest time is between November and January. The hurricane season falls between June and November when tropical storms can occur. And most rain falls from June to October.

From June to August it’s very hot. The average figure for sunshine is 340 days of the year. And the average daily temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. The sea temperature changes by only a few degrees throughout the year and the average temperature is 27.5 degrees Celsius.

A More Detailed Guide

Playa del Carmen weather can be changeable very quickly. Look at the weather in Playa del Carmen during certain months below…

Playa del Carmen weather February statistics indicate an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. With just two days of rainfall. February is part of the dry season and you can expect to enjoy around nine hours of sunshine a day. The perfect time for a winter break.

Playa del Carmen weather March figures show the temperatures starting to climb. During the day they can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius. The nights stay warm too. And there’s very little rainfall. Expect to see about 10 hours of sunshine. March is certainly a great month to visit for long, hot, and sunny days.

Playa del Carmen weather June is the start of the summer season. Night time temperatures can remain at 25 degrees Celsius following day time heights of 32 degrees Celsius. This month also sees the start of the rainy season. Heavy showers will quickly pass through. And you’ll still get 10 hours of sunshine each day.

Playa del Carmen weather October features plenty of sunshine and a fair amount of rain. Temperatures drop a little with the average temperature being 26 degrees Celsius. October falls within the rainy season with quickly passing showers. Yet sunshine will fill your days for nine hours.

Playa del Carmen weather in November is approaching the winter season yet average temperatures are still 25 degrees Celsius. With eight hours of sunshine and the beginning of the dry season you’ll be able to enjoy warm days and slightly cooler nights.

Playa del Carmen weather January is the coolest month of the year. It’s still relatively warm with average temperatures reaching 23 degrees Celsius. January also falls in the dry season meaning hardly any rain. Eight hours of sunshine are guaranteed. But there’s also a chance of windy days.

A Seasonal Outlook

Playa del Carmen Mexico weather is warm and tropical all year. See the following seasonal booking tips:

October to March

If you’re looking to holiday between mid-December to early January, you’ll need to book six months in advance as following the hurricane season tourists flock to the area.

April to May

There are two busy times to watch out for – Easter week and the Spring Equinox when locals have their own vacations.

June to September

You may get offered hurricane special deals during this time when rain can be intense and humidity is high.

Diving Adventures

The best time to go scuba diving in Playa Del Carmen with Koox is from November to March. This ensures you’ll get the opportunity to dive with Bull Sharks – when the bulls migrate to cooler waters to give birth. You’ll get close up to these powerful creatures for an extreme scuba diving experience.

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