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What Is The Best Time To Visit Tulum?

From visiting archaeological sites to snorkelling in limestone cenotes. Lounging on sun-drenched white sands or taking part in activities surrounded by lush jungle. Tulum, Mexico is the ultimate getaway destination. You’ve made your vacation choice. Now you need to do your research. So, what is the best time to visit Tulum? Read on…

Your Month-by-Month Guide

The weather in Tulum, Mexico tends to be warm all year round. And temperatures stay within 23 degrees Celsius to 31 Degrees Celsius throughout. See a brief summary here…

Tulum weather January – dry and mild with low humidity and temperatures averaging 23
Tulum weather February – plenty of sunshine and dry days with the least humidity and temperatures maxing at 27
Tulum weather March – humidity is rising during this driest month of the year with temperatures reaching 29
Tulum weather April – the end of the dry season with the most hours of sunshine and temperatures maxing at 30
Tulum weather May – the start of the wet season with muggy days and temperatures reaching 34 at peak times
Tulum weather June – a rainy month marking the beginning of the hurricane season with near 100% humidity and maximum temperatures of 31
Tulum weather July – hot and humid with fewer showers and average maximum temperatures of 31
Tulum weather August – often the hottest month of the year with temperatures reaching 34 and humidity remaining at 100%, and slightly heavier showers
Tulum weather September – rain falls for almost half the month in brief showers with days hot and very humid, and temperatures maxing at 31
Tulum weather October – the second rainiest month with decreasing humidity and an average maximum temperature of 30
Tulum weather November – reduced humidity and temperatures slightly falling to 28 marking the start of the dry season
Tulum weather December – one of the best months with warm days, plenty of sunshine, and clear skies, with daily temperatures an average 23

Your Seasonal Outlook

December to April is the dry season. June to October is hurricane season. And May to November is the wet season. Look at the best time to go to Tulum for:

Accommodation Deals and Discounts

August is a reasonably slow season for tourism in Tulum so lodging and other accommodations can cost considerably less. And tourism reaches its lowest between September and November so hotels become very affordable. Room rates in April aren’t at their lowest but many hotels will be running deals. Bear in mind that off-peak reservations may result in some smaller attractions and shops being closed.


During April and May, the days are warm and nights are comfortable. Water temperatures are pleasant and the rainy season hasn’t yet started. The weather is suitable for all activities. And all the attractions and restaurants are open.

Dodging the Crowds

In late summer and early autumn, there’ll be fewer tourists. Rain, heat, and humidity all peak during September and October, and crowds are at their smallest. Beaches are quieter and major attractions still open.

Seeing the Sights

The dry and warm months of November to April are the best for exploring. There’s an abundance of cultural, historical, and natural attractions to visit. With less humidity and heat inland sightseeing is comfortable during these times.

Diving and Snorkelling

July and August are the best months for swimming. From November through to May underwater visibility is good, and the water is warm. Water temperatures are at their lowest in January and February. And at their highest from July to October.

Discover an Underwater World

Go diving with Koox dive masters in Tulum and get the experience of a lifetime. No matter when you visit! If you choose to swim with whale sharks the season is from June to September when the biggest sharks in the world gather. And diving with bull sharks is from November to March.

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