Top 10 Must-Try Mexico Traditional Foods And Where To Find Them

Top 10 Must-Try Mexico Traditional Foods And Where To Find Them

Mexico City is renowned for being one of the greatest in the world for food. And authentic Mexican dishes are bursting with flavour. There are endless restaurants serving Mexico typical foods from all areas of the country. With a little research, you can plan your meals around local schedules. And get a real insight into the Mexico foods culture.

Regional Variations

Mexico cultural foods differ from region to region. Every state has its own version of popular foods in Mexico.

Northern cuisine includes seafood, stews, and pulled-pork dishes. National key dishes in the central regions comprise of squash-vine soups and dumplings, pizzas, and chocolate-based drinks to name just a few! Coastal cities excel in saucy paellas, thick seafood soup, and river crustaceans.

Many of the country’s best-loved traditions can be found in the second largest city of Guadalajara. You’ll be able to sample chile-stewed lamb or goat, and ground meat and chile patties. Just two of the culinary delights on offer.

See the top 10 Mexico traditional foods and where to find them here…

What to Try

1. Mole

Mole is a thick and savoury sauce with a pepper base, containing fruit, nuts, and spices. The ingredients are ground and roasted into a fine powder or paste, mixed with water, and simmered until thick.

2. Tamales

Corn dough is stuffed with a savoury or sweet filling, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. Choose from fillings of chicken, vegetables or fruits for a real taste of Mexican street food.

3. Guacamole

This freshly made avocado dip is prepared with a mortar and pestle adding onion, cilantro, and lime juice.

4. Enchiladas

Corn and flour tortillas can be filled with meat, cheese, seafood, or vegetables. They’re rolled or folded and baked in a chilli sauce. Then topped with cheese, cream, and onion.

5. Tacos

Authentic Mexican tacos are made from corn tortillas. And the soft shells are topped with fresh cilantro and finely diced onion. Popular tacos include fillings of fried or grilled fish, shrimps, and the vegetarian variety made with beans, rice, and chilli slices.

6. Salsa

Salsa plays a huge part in Mexican cuisine as it’s more than simply a dip. The varieties of salsa include roja with cooked chilli peppers. Verde made with green tomatoes, herbs, garlic, and onion. Negra using roasted dried chilis and olives. And Pico de gallo – a mix of raw tomato, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, and lime.

7. Churros

A classic Mexican dessert made from deep-fried dough and dusted with sugar and cinnamon powder when hot. Making them crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Perfect dunked in hot chocolate.

8. Birria

This spicy meat stew is slow cooked with beef, goat, lamb, veal or pork. This meaty meal is succulent and filling.

9. Pozole

When you want to try a traditional Mexican soup this corn-porridge with meat is cooked for hours and left to simmer overnight. Herbs and spices are added. And it’s served with salsa.

10. Quesadillas

A soft tortilla base stuffed with meat or cheese is cooked in a pan until the cheese melts. Or grilled and deep-fried. A variety of filling options include salsa, guacamole, potato and chorizo.

Where to Eat

There’s a whole range of places where you can buy authentic Mexican food. From street food vendors selling fish on the beaches and homemade delicacies in town squares to market food stalls with dedicated café sections.

Restaurants to head for include:

  • Taqueria Los Cocuyos, El Familiar, El Cardenal, El Pozole de Moctezuma – all in Mexico City
  • Los Itacates in Guadalajara
  • Restaurante el Contramar in Roma Norte
  • Don Cafeto Centro in Tulum

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