Cave Diving

Top 10 Best cave diving sites in the world

With a great reputation among diving communities it’s easier to narrow down the thousands of global dive sites into a select few. See the top 10 best cave diving sites in the world here…

Tulum Mexico

1. Tulum, Mexico

Koox cave diving Mexico masters will take you to the Riviera Maya. Home to the largest and most beautiful underwater caves in the world. You’ll be able to explore the enormous Nohoch Nah Chich cenote studded with stalagmites and stalactites. And learn all about the formation and history of these scared portals to the underworld.

Nelson New Zealand

2. Nelson, New Zealand

This fantastic underground network of caverns is situated beneath a black, watery hole measuring just four to 12 metres deep. Unique formations continue to be uncovered. Including a marble rock named The Cathedral due to the high roof. Giant pillars have been created by stalactites joining with stalagmites.

Florida USA

3. Florida, USA

Indian Springs is renowned for being the best cave dive in North America. An underwater cave diver will need technical as well as cave diving skills to reach depths of 55 metres. At the T-junction divers can go upstream or down. Adventures include the exploration of The Bone Narcosis Room, The Power Room, and the Wakulla Room.

MT Gambier South Australia

4. MT Gambier, South Australia

Kilsby’s Sinkhole became a weapons research area following a tragic double-drowning in the caves. Now the sinkhole has been re-opened with the aid of Australia’s cave diving association. And this 65-metre limestone cavity is full of clear fresh water with options of overhead and non-overhead dives.

Perm Region Russia

5. Perm Region, Russia

The Orda cave is the longest cave in Russia. And there are many more caves that still lie undiscovered. The cave itself is beautifully transparent. Gypsum forms into clear crystals giving this amazing mineral water. The freezing water is host to dramatically clear natural channels that are fragile and span for three miles.

Dordogne France

6. Dordogne, France

The Emergence Du Russel is reportedly the best cave dive in Europe. This large impressive cave splits into two passages and then re-joins. Dramatic plunges descend into spectacular caverns. And rifts that tower top a dry section of cave. Cavern diver certification is needed for this challenging dive.

Crete Greece

7. Crete, Greece

The Blue Cave has an interior ceiling that breaks through the surface of the ocean. You can actually watch the waves crashing above. The narrow back of the cave will only hold one diver at a time. And there are magnificent stalactites and stalagmites as you look up. There’s a huge rocky wall, tunnels, boulders, and a colourful marine life.

Alghero Sardinia

8. Alghero, Sardinia

Nereo cave is regarded as the largest cave in the Mediterranean Sea. And is named after Nereus, the Old man of the Sea. The massive cave has arches and tunnels covered in red coral and yellow leptosamnia. It’s flora and fauna are typically crustaceans, lobsters, congers, and moray eels. As the cave is fairly simple to navigate it’s perfect for beginners.

Bonito Brazil

9. Bonito, Brazil

Anhumas Abyss is accessed by a vertical descent to the bottom of the cave. Using a rope and rappelling. Here there’s a floating deck with crystal clear waters. Filled with huge schools of fish even though sunlight only penetrates for a few hours each day. Only 18 to 25 people per day are allowed to enjoy this exhilarating experience!

10. Mashonaland, Zimbabwe

The Chinhoyi caves offer diving suitable for all levels. Crystal clear waters fill the limestone tunnels and caves. The Sleeping Pool has 20-metre vertical walls. With windows that let the sunlight in. and a constant temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. Legend has it that murdered victims were thrown in – one room is full of bones! The Wonder Hole is a large cavern with a collapsed roof.

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