Tipping in Mexico

Tipping In Mexico: Who And How Much?

Planning on visiting Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Cozumel, or Tulum for your vacation? Becoming trip savvy should also include understanding the etiquette of tipping in Mexico: Who and how much? Look at the following guide to get it just right…


When you stay at a hotel in a tourist destination you may find tip envelopes left for you to fill! Otherwise, you should leave between 20 and 25 pesos per night to thank the staff for a clean room on a daily basis.
You’ll be expected to tip your porter from 10 to 20 pesos per bag, and your concierge from 50 to 150 pesos depending on the quality of service.


For good service tipping at a sit-down restaurant should be from 10% to 15% of the final bill. If the service is really good you could increase this to 20%. These tips should be used as a reward for the standard of service provided. Make sure you check the bill to see if a charge for gratuity has already been included. For local restaurants, a tip of 10% of the final bill is suggested.
If you have a drink at the bar an additional 10 to 20 pesos per drink is most acceptable.


Tipping at the spa is an individual choice. If the spa is within the hotel complex there may already be a gratuity charge on the bill. Otherwise, you can tip an additional 50 to 100 pesos on a 500 pesos bill. You’ll be able to leave your tip at the front reception in an envelope for your therapist to collect.

Tour Guides

You’ll be able to take part in many guided tours whether they be to explore the Mayan ruins, go on a hike through the mountains, or get involved in adventure trips. Tips will certainly be expected and you should budget for 50 to 70 pesos per day per guide. If the guide drives you as well you can slightly increase your tip.


Whether they be gas station or public bathroom attendants most of these workers will be doing the job purely reliant on your tips. Offer 5 to 10 pesos for your fuel, and 3 to 5 pesos for a clean toilet and plenty of clean paper towels.

Taxi Drivers

It’s not absolutely necessary to tip your driver but if help is provided with your luggage you may like to. 10 to 20 pesos is ideal for a short ride, but make sure you don’t over tip as this may lead to higher prices in the future.


Buskers will often come and play for you particularly if you’re eating in an outdoor seating area at a restaurant. Tipping isn’t essential but giving around five to 20 pesos is quite acceptable. If the band is playing a song at your table then the suggested tip is 20 to 50 pesos.

Grocery Baggers

Most of the workers who bag your groceries in the stores are not employees – they simply work for tips. Depending on the number of bags you have a satisfactory tip would be from five to 20 pesos. If you have any loose small change you could leave that too.

Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take Pesos or Dollars to Mexico?

It’s advisable to tip in Mexican pesos or US dollars. These are the simplest to exchange and use by the service providers. Bear in mind you may be charged more if you pay in dollars rather than pesos. You can exchange your money in every major city in Mexico. One peso equates to 0.053 dollars.

How much money should I take to Mexico?

This depends on where you’re going and how long you’ll stay. On average for a budget traveller, you can work on 25 dollars a day. Middle of the road travellers should budget for 70 dollars a day, and travelling in luxury can mount up to 500 dollars a day. Multiply these figures by your vacation time and you’ll have your estimate.

Can you use American money in Mexico?

Yes, you can but you’ll make the best use of your money if you exchange it and use pesos. Many resorts will accept US dollars but it’s likely you’ll pay more using this currency.

Do you tip in Mexico?

It’s customary to tip in Mexico as many workers in the service industry rely on these tips to supplement their income. You can tip in US dollars, but tips are best given in pesos. Tips are greatly appreciated – and often expected.
How much to tip in Mexico is important as it means that you’re showing your appreciation to those that are providing you with a service. Plan in advance for your tipping and include it in your budget. In Mexico, tips are always appreciated but you should never feel pressurised to leave one. Enjoy your vacation!

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