Scuba Tank Fill Station in Tulum, Mexico

The air compressor is located in the Koox Air tank Filling station. We’ll be happy to offer you help with refilling your scuba cylinders with breathable air and special gas mixtures.

Breathing air dive compressor fills prices

Scuba Tank Fill Station ServicesPRICES in USD
Air – 1 tank 80cf – 1 fill$12.50
Air – double tank 160cf – 1 fill$25
Nitrox – 1 tank 80cf: 1 fill + rental$20
Nitrox – 1 tank 80cf: 1 fill / no rental$14
Nitrox – double tank 160cf: 1 fill + rental$45
Nitrox – double tank 160cf: 1 fill / no rental$28
Oxigen 100% – 1 small stagetank 40cf$6
Pure Oxygen (O2) 100%$1 / ft3
Helium – 1 tank 80cf$2 / ft3


All types of air tanks fills are available in our scuba tank compressor station: CCR, breathing air, small stage (40cf), normal (80cf) and double tanks (160cf). We will also make sure that your scuba cylinders are in good efficient condition. High grade cave diving equipment (WhiteArrow) is also available.

Having your own scuba tank gives you the freedom to explore the underwater world autonomously. Ko’ox diving center has counted on quality equipment, support and maintenance, for more than 16 years, now. Having the latest breathing air compressor was the first thing that was required so that divers could have their dive bottles refilled and head back to the water right away. Special gas mixtures handling was later added to the dive compressor so that cave divers could refill their scuba cylinders with high quality Nitrox 30 and 50, Oxygen 100% and helium and thus have a longer and safe exploration.

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