Paamul Beach

Visiting The White-Sands Of Paamul Beach

Ever heard of Paamul? It’s a small neighbourhood in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. And has become famous for its peaceful bay just about 10 miles from Playa del Carmen. It’s surrounded by lush jungles and coral reefs. And offers miles of unspoiled beaches. When you plan on visiting the white-sands of Paamul beach get all the information you need here…

A Little History

In the Mayan language, Paamul actually translates into a hill destroyed. Indicating that it once was an ancient Mayan settlement. Over 40 years ago a coconut plantation was founded here. And oil was taken by boat to Merida.

It was originally a recreational vehicle park, but today there are open thatch-roofed buildings and concrete structures with all modern facilities. Making it a unique residential community. The area is also a turtle sanctuary.

Paamul Beach

Development and Growth

The Riviera Maya is continually expanding. But this doesn’t seem to have affected Paamul itself. Here you’ll be able to enjoy nature at its best. And still have easy access to Paamul beach, biking and golf-carting paths, and jungle hiking.

The international airport is just over an hour away. And Playa del Carmen can be reached in about 25 minutes. Here you’ll find places to shop, restaurants, and an energetic night-life.

Paamul Beach

Here and Now

The small beach resort community remains sheltered in a crescent-shaped cove. It offers an open-air restaurant, a pool, and bathroom facilities. There’s a guardhouse at the entrance which is manned 24 hours a day. If you visit the restaurant you can get a day pass for the beach club facilities.

The boutique hotel has 12 suites, alongside one master suite. Just a few steps from the shore. Amenities also include a mini supermarket, Internet, and a dive shop.

The white-sand beach of Paamul is simply stunning. And is a complete contrast to the jewelled turquoise sea. The beach is lined with palm trees providing plenty of natural shade. You’ll need footwear to protect feet from exposed limestone, and it’s also required in most water entry areas.

Paamul Beach

Activities and Attractions

Snowbirds often take advantage of the well-preserved and quiet beach. But it’s the coral reef that’s the most stunning feature of crystalline waters. The reef can be explored by snorkelling and diving when the seas are calm. In these coral gardens, you can see schools of iridescent fish. The rich marine life includes ells, butterfly fish, manta rays, and turtles.

Rockpools on the beach are home for hermit crabs, snails, and molluscs. And an abundance of shells. Iguanas love to bask in the daytime sun. But the turtles can only be seen at night.

Other activities to enjoy include kayaking, fishing, volleyball, golf, and daily diving. Interesting sites include the Horst Reef where you may get to see the rare spotted drum. Paraiso Shallow is perfect for beginners with its myriad of coral patches. And the Paamul Mini Wall is suitable for skilled divers where you can encounter nurse sharks, moray eels, and lobsters.

Cenote cavern diving in clear and calm waters is another pursuit offered. The underground rivers are close to the surface and give divers the opportunity of diving in shallow depths. You’ll be able to see the beautiful mineral formations in the fresh waters.

Planning a Day Trip

The team from the dive shop in Playa del Carmen, Mexico will take care of everything for you. You’ll get free equipment rental for your trip. And diving guides who are very strict with safety and precautions. Transportation costs to and from the dive location are included. And you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your dive in the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

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