Casa Cenote Diving

Must-Dive Cenotes For Open Water Divers

A cenote is a natural underground basin of water. Resulting from the collapse of overhead limestone bedrock that exposes the water underneath. Often known as sinkholes these cenotes create vast reservoirs where fresh groundwater meets saltwater that seeps in from the ocean through underground channels. Generating magical halocline effects.

When you go cenote diving near Playa del Carmen., you’ll experience fossils, cave formations, an abundant marine life. And stunning light effects. See must-dive cenotes for open water divers here…

Casa Cenote

This cenote found just 37 miles south of Playa del Carmen is ideally suited for open water divers. The dive tracks the bottom of a winding river with above transparency. And the bottom only reaches a depth of nine metres – perfect for this type of dive.
Freshwater fish include mollies and guppies. And root systems of the surrounding mangrove forests grow along the river banks. The beautiful turquoise open cenote has great visibility and plenty of nearby bird and wildlife.

El Eden

Located within a jungle region 18 minutes south of Playa del Carmen this cenote is open and offers lush surroundings with underwater plants and green moss-covered rocks. The water quality is perfectly clear. Making it an ideal setting for snorkelling to view the underwater world.
You can choose to jump from a cliff or tree situated at one end. Or you can rest in the middle of the cenote and dangle your toes in the water to get a fish spa!

Chikin Ha

At this cenote open water divers can take a cavern tour guided by professionals. The line of the cavern zone is defined by the natural light and with a maximum dive depth of 45m. Here you’ll be able to experience a halocline creating a hazy visual effect. And the cenote is only a 30-minute drive from Playa del Carmen.
Rays of sunlight twirl through the water at the height of the day forming stunning light shows. All due to the jungle location. You’ll be able to see stalactites and stalagmites through the crystalline waters. There are three cenotes – one open, one closed, and one dry. With variable depths from two to 15 metres.

Dos Ojos

Less than an hour from Playa del Carmen is Dos Ojos cenote. Snorkelling is really popular here in the main basin. And the areas near the open water host white stalactites that adorn the ceilings – ranging from the size of a wide traffic cone to slim candle-like shapes.
The blue water is crystal clear as it gets direct light during the morning. You can take the stairs down into the bat cave. Or jump from the platform. Guided tours are available into the cavern sections.


A 34-minute drive will take you to a cenote where you can experience one of the most spectacular light shows as the sun projects laser-like beams of light into the Points of Lightroom.

Cavern diving up to a depth of 12 metres provide views of fossils stuck to the ceilings and the walls. And the circular pool in the Sugar Bowl opens directly to the jungle above. Less experienced divers will be comfortable with decent buoyancy control.

Categories of Cenote Dives

Cenote dives are defined by type:

  • Open water dives
  • Cavern tours
  • Cavern diving
  • Cave diving

You need to ensure you have the required training and qualifications to ensure you stay safe if you wish to advance from open water diving.

Scuba Diving Shop

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