Koox Diving Tulum

Koox Diving In Tulum Is 5 Star Dive Centre Accredited

It’s official! Koox Diving in Tulum is 5 Star Dive Center accredited by PADI. There is only one other dive shop with this official recognition.

PADI is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors – setting the highest standards for diver training and unifying divers around the globe. Every PADI Dive Center has to meet minimum requirements for dive services and have the option to earn even higher ratings by offering additional training and services.

PADI 5 Star Dive Centers are advanced PADI dive shops that provide an entire range of PADI scuba diving education programmes – excelling in delivering quality diver services alongside encouraging aquatic environmental responsibilities. Dive businesses such as Koox are active within the dive community and guarantee customer safety and satisfaction together with fantastic dive experiences.

The Koox Dive Center is a store location providing recreational diving, scuba diving education and equipment sales. On top of this, the PADI 5 Star status ensures a full range of diving experience opportunities. Open Water scuba instructors and Divemasters are friendly and patient – and are extremely strict on safety precautions – giving you all the skills required to safely enjoy exploring the underwater universe. Theory and practice will run side by side as you take the scuba diving certification path.

Your 5 Star PADI shop in Tulum will let you achieve your diving goals via the safest dive curriculum. And empower you to improve the conservation of the underwater world by supporting critical environmental hard work. Regular training sessions of continuing education programmes provide opportunities to advance your skills and knowledge.

Diving in Tulum with Koox is simply an amazing experience – with all the adventures you dream about. From swimming with whale and bull sharks to embarking on a nighttime crocodile tour, you can explore and learn at the same time. All thanks to a newly accredited 5 Star Dive Center.

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