Improve Your Scuba Diving Skills with Video Tips from Ko’ox Adventures

Are you eager to become a better diver? Is there something you have always wanted to know or ask your divemaster? In this new series of videos we will be covering many basic (and not so basic) skills to perform underwater.

🤿 How to Clean Your Regulator Underwater 🤿 Know Your Diving Skills – The First Scuba Diving Tips Video is OUT!

Each week we will be releasing a new short video series answering a popular question most of our clients or diving students ask.
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This is the first video of the series – you can easily get to know what is needed so that you know how to clean your regulator and feel safer and more confident with it. Check the video:

Next topics we plan to cover:

  • How to Clear Your Scuba Mask
  • How to Remove Your Scuba Mask
  • Free Flow
  • Perfect Buoyancy Tips
  • Equipment Set-up Guidelines

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