How to become a divemaster, all requirements and options for dive certification in Tulum

Diving in Tulum offers an excellent opportunity for aspiring divers to gain experience and hone their skills. For some, this experience may spark a desire to turn their passion for diving into a profession. Becoming a professional dive master is a rewarding career that requires dedication & hard work.

The Path to becoming a professional dive master

First, become a certified open-water diver: This certification is obtained through a series of courses and practical training sessions that teach the basics of scuba diving, such as equipment use, buoyancy control, and underwater communication.

Next step: become an advanced open-water diver: This certification is obtained through additional courses and training that focus on more advanced diving techniques, such as deep diving, underwater navigation, and night diving.

Next step: become a rescue diver: This certification requires the completion of a course that teaches advanced rescue techniques and emergency response protocols.

Once certified as a rescue diver, the final step is to become a dive master: This certification requires a significant amount of training and experience, including a minimum of 40 logged dives at the start of the training and practical training sessions. To complete the Divemaster certification, you’ll need to have at least 60 logged dives.

PADI Divemaster Course prerequisites:

  • PADI Rescue Diver certification (or qualifying certification)
  • Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care training (or qualifying training) within 24 months
  • 40 logged dives


You’d need to do the e-learning before hand: about 8-12 hours of self study, pass the exam and then proceed to a PADI Dive center and work with an instructor on the following:

  • Delivering dive briefings
  • helping in classes
  • guiding underwater tours
  • Develop the ability to foresee issues and offer aid, construct an Emergency Assistance Plan, and enhance your navigation and critical-thinking abilities through interactive workshops.

Source: PADI

For more info here’s PADI PROFESSIONAL Divemaster programme

SSI Certified Dive Guide prerequisites:

  • Minimum 40 logged dives
  • totaling 25 hours dive time
  • SSI Advanced Open Water or equivalent
  • Valid first aid certificate


You’d develop the ability to safely lead certified divers, do detailed dive briefings, and do dive site evaluation. SSI Dive Guide course duration is about 35-45h and includes 1 open water dive.

For more info here’s SSI Certified Dive Guide Course Programme

SSI Certified Dive Master prerequisites:

  • Minimum 40 logged dives
  • Min 5 deep dives (30m), min 5 night dives, min 5 navigational dives
  • Completed Stress & Rescue
  • SSI Advanced Open Water or equivalent
  • Completed Dive Guide
  • Own Scuba Gear set: Total Dive System

Source: Wikipedia

SSI Divemaster course duration is between 4 and 8 weeks. SSI Divemaster certification is achieved when completing 5 specialty certifications and logging 50-60 dives. The Divemaster certification marks the initial step into the professional realm of diving. With this qualification, dive professionals gain the ability to lead certified divers during their scuba diving adventures and provide valuable support to Instructors and Assistant Instructors in their teaching duties as certified assistants.

What Can Divemasters Do

mayan blue cenote cave divers

Divemasters are responsible for leading dive tours, assisting instructors with training courses, assisting with dive equipment, and ensuring the safety of divers.

In addition to the technical skills required to become a dive master, there are also a variety of personal qualities that are essential for success in this profession. Divemasters must be excellent communicators, able to effectively communicate with divers of all skill levels and backgrounds.

They must also possess strong leadership skills, as they are responsible for leading dive tours and ensuring the safety of divers under their care. Divemasters must be patient and able to adapt to unexpected situations, as diving conditions can change quickly and unexpectedly.

Becoming a successful dive master also requires a love for the ocean and a commitment to protecting the underwater environment. Divemasters must be knowledgeable about marine life and ecosystems, and should always follow proper diving practices to minimize the impact on the environment.

Getting Dive Master Certified in Tulum

Certified Scuba Diver

Tulum is home to a variety of dive sites, including the Mesoamerican Reef and the unique cenotes that are abundant in the region.

Divemasters can gain valuable experience by exploring the diverse marine life found in the Caribbean Sea, including sea turtles, rays, and a variety of colorful reef fish. They can also explore the unique ecosystems found in the cenotes, which offer a glimpse into a completely different underwater environment.

Is Tulum a good place to get my Divemaster certification compared to other dive destinations?
Tulum offers a unique combination of diving experiences, from the Mesoamerican reef to the mystical cenotes. This diversity makes it an exceptional place to acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge as a Divemaster.

What should I bring for my Divemaster training in Tulum?
In addition to your documents and pre-certification requirements, it’s advisable to have your own scuba equipment, although any center offers equipment rental.

Are there job opportunities in Tulum once I am certified as a Divemaster?
Definitely! Tulum is a popular tourist destination and there is a constant demand for Divemaster and diving instructors in the local centers, also with your PADI or SSI certification you can work anywhere in the world.

What is the difference between PADI and SSI certification?
Both are internationally recognized diving organizations. Although the course requirements and structure may vary slightly, both offer high-quality education and certification. it’s more a matter of personal preference and the availability of the dive center.

How long does a Divemaster course take:  In general the Divemaster course lasts approximately 3 weeks depending on the performance of the person. It includes doing 20 dives in total, on top of the minimum required 40 dives.

After becoming certified as a Divemaster, what would be the next step if I want to further advance my diving career?
After obtaining your Divemaster certification, you can take it to the next level, becoming a Diving Instructor, this certification allows you to teach new divers and offer certified courses. You can also have in mind to take the course Intro the Cave & Full Cave.

Consider Getting Cave Diving Certified, too

Cave Diving

Scuba diving in Tulum cenotes is a bit more challenging for dive masters that want to be cenote dive guides. Taking a Full cave diving course is a requirement for dive guides in cenotes, as being able to navigate all the tiny passages in these flooded caves is a must.

Tulum is also home to a variety of dive centers that offer training and certification courses, as well as opportunities for practical training and real-world experience. If you choose to get dive master certified in Tulum, we can recommend joining our team of experienced instructors and dive masters at Koox Diving Tulum or Playa del Carmen, we will provide guidance and support throughout your certification process.

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