Fundadores park

Fundadores Park – The Heart Of Playa del Carmen

Parque Fundadores is a historic setting in the city of Playa del Carmen. Also known as Fundadores Park it used to be a meeting place for the whole community. People who lived nearby would get their basic food and water supplies here. As the population grew so did the park. Find out more about Fundadores Park – the heart of Playa del Carmen here…

Location of Fundadores Park

If you’re travelling by bus from the airport, you’ll pass the park. It’s situated at the end of Avenue Juarez, next to the Cozumel Ferry Pier. Just outside the ADO Bus Station. This is the main bus company which provides services to many tourist destinations.

History of Fundadores Park

Parque Fundadores commemorates the Founders of Playa del Carmen. This seaside gathering spot for local residents was the market hub. Celebrations frequently take place to honour its people, government, and traditions.

In 2011 a new bronze sculpture was erected called Portal Maya 2012. It celebrates the Mayan calendar. It’s 16 metres high and has become the iconic image of Playa del Carmen.

An executive committee was set up in 2013 with a team consisting of a restaurant and graphics manager, events and concierge service manager, sponsorship manager, and marketing manager. Volunteer Armando Elizalde created the diver’s association with the intention of protecting the reefs and cenotes in the area.

Things to Do in the Park

The centre of the park focuses on the bandstand that often serves as a music venue. Local performers will also put on shows here. Locals with fruit carts offer cut fruit in cups. A playground in the shape of a pirate ship built on sand is ideal for children.

But the latest addition is simply stunning to watch. Four flying Papantla performers known as the Voladores de Paplantla fly around a 30-metre pole tied with ropes and descend to the ground. The fifth member stays on top of the pole playing a drum and dancing. This ritual was apparently created to request that the gods ended severe droughts. You can see the ritual throughout the day for free. But donations are appreciated to support the ongoing performances.

There’s a beach just in front of the park where you can watch football and volleyball games. And soft sand sculptures are often on display. The beach also has handicap access with boardwalks that go out onto the beach. And special chairs available with beach wheels.

You can visit the Nuestra Senora del Carmen Church that hosts church and wedding services. This pretty white building is surrounded by tropical plants and palm trees.

And Nearby

If you take a walk down to 5th Avenue you’ll find a pedestrian street filled with shops, restaurants, and street entertainers. You can stroll up and down during the daytime, or in the evening, as this is when the street comes alive. The new Calle Corazon shopping mall is well worth visiting. And Sol Jaguar gift shop with quality crafts that have been made in Mexican locations.

There are four large eco parks close by. Learn all about the Mexican culture and the natural environment. Or opt for adrenaline-junkie zip line routes going deep into the jungle. Explore the interactive science museums, or swim, snorkel, and float on rafts. For just a half day or a full day out the choice is yours.

Visiting a cenote will only take around a 20-minute drive. Snorkel Playa del Carmen experts from Koox Diving will provide you with the experience of a lifetime. You’ll be able to explore natural sinkholes and underground chambers with master dive guides. All prices include transportation to and from the location. And full equipment rental.

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