First Time Snorkeling

First time snorkeling tips. Learn how to snorkel.

Snorkeling is a sport where you swim on or through the water wearing a mask, fins, and a breathing tube called a snorkel! Sounds easy. But it’s essential that you know how to use a snorkel and make sure you’re comfortable with all your equipment.
You don’t want to have an experience to remember for all the wrong reasons. Being relaxed and able to take it easy means you’ll enjoy every moment. For first time snorkeling tips: learn how to snorkel read on…

Find Answers to Frequently asked Questions

Do you need to know how to swim to snorkel?

You’ll need basic swimming skills with simple coordination and breathing techniques. A basic swimming stroke such as breast stroke. And the ability to float. But you can snorkel without actually going underwater so as a non-swimmer you’d still be able to take part.

Can you breathe underwater with a snorkel?

The part of the tube that goes into your mouth has an indentation so a portion of it goes behind your teeth-line, and the other in front. When you bite down it should form a mould around your teeth and will let you breathe without opening your mouth.

How do snorkels work underwater?

Depending on the type of snorkel it will flood when underwater and water needs to be expelled on surfacing. Or a sump will let a small amount of water to stay in the snorkel without being inhaled. And there’s the dry snorkel option where valves keep water out when a wave passes.

First time snorkeling tips. Learn how to how to snorkel.

What is the best snorkeling vest?

It’s important that your vest is brightly coloured so that you can be seen by others in the water. Particularly passing boats. This is a smaller and lighter version of a life jacket designed to keep you on the surface of the water when you’re snorkelling .Search online for one that’s reviewed and highly rated.

What are the best fins for snorkeling?

The longer the fin the faster you’ll move! When you first put your fins on make sure they go on and come off easily. Choose fins that are flexible and preferably have an adjustable strap to ensure a perfect fit.

You can opt for an open heel or full foot style – whichever you prefer. The right fins will make you more mobile and safer in the water.

First time snorkeling tips. Learn how to how to snorkel.

How do I choose a mask?

The type of mask you want has wide eye sockets that covers your nose. This avoids any inhalation of water when you’re underwater. Another option is a mask that covers your entire face. Head straps are important – they let you adjust the mask to fit properly, and attach your snorkel.

A silicone rim with soft suction comfortably moulds the mask to your face to stop the water getting in. There’s a range of viewing glass available. From anti-fog and reflection to scratch resistant and UV protection styles.
How to clean your snorkel mask is simple. Just use an anti-fog spray on the interior of your mask before each trip. This’ll stop any loss of vision.

Here Are Some More Tips:

  • Use a wetsuit when going in cold water, or if swimming for longer in cold water as it adds extras buoyancy
  • Use a life jacket if you get tired easily
  • Learn how to jump with a snorkel from a boat
  • Practice how to breathe only through your mouth
  • Never go snorkelling alone
  • Know your limits and stay within them
  • Stay relaxed and enjoy

First time snorkeling tips. Learn how to how to snorkel.

Select A Location for Beginners

Snorkeling near Cancun, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen will be perfect. Instructors from Koox Diving will make sure you get all the individual attention you need. And will put your safety and comfort first. You’ll get an amazing snorkeling experience.

Snorkeling vs Scuba Diving

Want to know the difference? Take a look…


  • Is swimming with a mask and tube that lets you breathe through your mouth when floating underwater near to the surface
  • The snorkel tube can flood underwater requiring water to be expelled on returning to the surface
  • Allows you to observe fish, algae, and coral reefs in warm waters with minimum waves
  • Doesn’t require any formal training
  • Needs much less equipment a mask, snorkel, and fins are the main requirements

Scuba Diving

  • Is diving deep into the water wearing a dive suit and breathing via an oxygen tank
  • The entire body is underwater and the diver can’t breathe in through the nose and inhales through a regulator mouthpiece
  • Cave and wreck diving, exploring cenotes, and diving with whale and bull sharks are all adventures that can be enjoyed
  • Requires training in use of breathing equipment and safety procedures with proof of diver certification for dive trips
  • The primary piece of equipment needed is a pressurised gas tank with a tube. Plus a wetsuit, fins, and a guide!

First time snorkeling tips. Learn how to how to snorkel.

And Finally…

Without any special skills or training and with the minimum of equipment needed a snorkeling holiday is one of the best ways to have an adventure out on the water.

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