Child of the Cenote by André Musgrove – Freediving Movie Filmed on Breath-hold

Dive Support by Koox Adventures

One of the greatest underwater projects, we have been really happy to take part in, is finally live. In 2018 we had the honor to collaborate on this amazing project – a 5 min short freediving movie by André Musgrove.

It was 2 weeks of intense work, filming, assisting, logistics, cold water and underwater technology. We are so happy to  present to you, this spectacular work of art. This entire film was shot Freediving (on breath-hold). Ready? 

A female freediver embarks on an underwater journey throughout the underwater caves of the Mexican Yucatan peninsula, called Cenotes. She follows the light that shines within the deepest and darkest part of the caves only to discover something she least expects.

Filming Child of the Cenote – the Details

The dream team behind it, please meet:


Cenote Dive Locations in the movie:

  • Cenote Cho-ja en Xcan Yucatan
  • Cenote Kin-ha
  • Casa Cenote
  • Cenote Carwash

Chucho (Jesus Guzman Diaz – Koox Adventures owner) shares: “We went on a very cool dive, with our freediving friends, to a cool cenote called Kin-Ha, up in the Ruta of the cenotes close to Puerto Morelos. It’s very easy to access, a good highway and a good dirt road, nice parking, picnic tables. This place has a good restaurant with very cool pictures hanging on the walls. The entrance is very simple, you can walk, using stairs down into the cenote, there is a platform hanging off the wall. It has 3 different eyes, the light comes through at different times.

It is very good for a dive, it has a hydrogen-sulfur cloud at 30 meters and a giant mushroom-like stalagmite sitting at 28 meters deep.

Underwater formation photo by Andre Musgrove with freediver Johnny Deep

Andre called the photo Candlelight – it was at depth: 60ft, it took 6 attempts, by photographer: Andre Musgrove and the freediver: Johnatan.

Behind the Scenes of Child of the Cenote (Photos)

The freedivers demonstrated incredible diving skills. We are still deeply impressed.

“We were there as logistic and light support, for the upcoming movie “The child of the cenote” by our great friend Andre Musgrove.”

“It was amazing how everything got in its place. This was my first day with them shooting backstage photos and videos. “

Amazing work & impressive freediving skills by Sabine Banet and Stephanie Schuldt.

“In the end, everything came out even better than expected.”

The movie premiered at The Island house film Festival in Nassau, the Bahamas on March 29th 2019.

It’s awesome. So just enjoy!

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