Can You Swim With A Spray Tan?

A spray tan is a beauty treatment where the body is sprayed with chemical products that react with the skin to produce an artificial suntan. An expertly applied spray tan gives a perfect sun-kissed glow – and lets you look fabulous in swimwear whilst avoiding dangerous UV exposure.

Can you swim with a spray tan? This frequently asked question will be answered here. Read more about spray tan and swimming below…

Spray Tan Data

Before you get a spray tan you need to exfoliate properly. You can do this with an exfoliating mitt or gloves – used with a mild non-moisturising gel cleansed specifically for exfoliation. This transparent gel won’t coat the surface of the skin or leave any residue.

The spray tan itself is made up of two colourant agents – the temporary invisible cosmetic tint that’s the brown colour you see initially, and the longer wearing DHA based tint that then develops more slowly.

The temporary water-soluble brown tint will actually wash away during your first shower, leaving the more permanent DHA base behind which takes two to eight hours to develop, leaving a lasting colour for up to seven days – depending on the exfoliation rate of your skin, skincare, and lifestyle.

Swimming After a Spray Tan

Can you swim after a spray tan? Yes, you can. What you need to remember is that the fake tan works by causing the cells on the upper layer of your skin – known as the epidermis – to darken. As the old skin cells start to flake away, they take your tan with them! It’s not actually the chorine, salts, or chemicals in the water that are fading your tan.

Water is a key factor in drying out the skin, resulting in the cells flaking off more quickly. As the water soaks under the dead skin cells and into the layers of skin water-filled pockets form causing the skin to wrinkle after prolonged water submersion.

This soaking also lifts the dead skin cells resulting in a lightening of the spray tan – the lifespan of your spray tan will ultimately be determined by how much time you spend in the pool or the sea.

Bear in mind that when you come out of the water the tan will initially look lighter. This is due to the skin being swollen with excess water, and stretched over a larger surface area, causing the tanned cells to spread. This shows pale gaps between tanned cells.

As the skin dries and the water evaporates it shrinks back to normal size and the tan will gradually darken in colour and depth.

Extra Spray Tan Protection

Can you go swimming with a spray tan? The answer is yes. Look at a few handy hints to ensure your spray tan lasts longer:

  • Using a strong waterproof sunscreen will repel water off your skin and help to keep the spray tan from lessening
  • Limit swimming sessions to 15 minutes rather than long soaks
  • Rinsing off immediately after leaving the water will also ensure that high contents of chlorine or salt will be removed
  • Pat the skin dry rather than rubbing
  • Applying a moisturiser or gradual tanning lotion will extend the length of your spray tan
  • A rebuild mousse, aerosol, or lotion applied before bed will make sure you wake up with a renewed tan

Vacation Snorkelling

Snorkelling in Cancun with Koox is the ideal situation to show off your spray tan! A freshly applied spray tan will fade less in the water than one that’s older, so simply plan your snorkelling tour session a day or two before. Look good, feel great and enjoy your golden guise.

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