Scuba Diver with a beard

Can You Scuba Dive With A Beard Or Moustache?

As beards and moustaches become more popular it’s a good idea to get to grips with facial hair care – especially if you spend your leisure time diving. Knowing how to maintain your beard properly to avoid any problems is key.

Can you scuba dive with a beard or moustache? Find out more here…

Potential Diving Issues

Snorkelling with a moustache and beard is absolutely fine. Understanding what can cause any problems will ensure you continue to dive in comfort. Possible reasons for discomfort include:

  • A badly fitting mask that causes irritation
  • Saltwater drying out your beard causing frizzing and crinkling
  • Dry skin and hair due to burning from sunlight and salt exposure
  • A badly growing or pointed beard that damages your mask
  • When leaving the water, beards become unruly and wild

Beard and Moustache Care

Aim to choose natural beard care products that protect you and the reef – those that don’t contain any damaging chemicals. Both balms and waxes are best for styling. Balms are easy to apply and have super moisturising ingredients that help to resist drying of skin. Waxes have a stronger hold but can be more difficult to apply and remove.

Beard oils give hydration and sheen, and are ideal for preventing itchy, flaky skin for longer beards or newly grown out stubble. Before diving, apply the beard care product of your choosing.

Tips for Bearded Divers

  • Shave the area under your nose to leave hairless – really good for big moustaches – or simply trim or thin out the hair here
  • Use mask seal – a silicone grease that comes in a tube – applying it to the skirt of the mask that touches the moustache will reduce any leakage
  • Try an alternative sealant – natural beeswax cuticle cream – can be applied liberally for good viscosity
  • Secure flyaway longer beards with a hairband – this will help with any potential loss of vision underwater
  • Rinse facial hair with warm, fresh water following each dive – this stops the saltwater from drying into the beard
  • Apply all-natural beard oil to rehydrate skin after diving – and finish off by combing through with a non-static beard comb


Get Scuba Mask Savvy

Can you use a full-face snorkel mask with a beard? The best scuba face mask for moustache and beard is a full face one. This type of face mask delivers a positive pressure which helps to seal the face mask to your face – preventing leaks. A high-quality, low profile mask with soft silicon is a favourite.

Full face masks are comfortable to wear combining an integrated regulator and offering 180-degree vision. Many have additional features such as dive radio communication and diving lights built-in. This can make the mask slightly heavier – you need to try before purchasing if at all possible.

Do full face snorkel masks work with beards? Yes, they do. This is because the masks come in two different sizes with three different sized plugs for a range of nose fittings. Finding the correct size and fitting is vital.

There are three sets of straps that require fastening in sequence to get the most comfortable fit, and to ensure breathing is easy, and vision clear. And another great advantage is the provision of excellent coverage and protection against cold water.

Full face masks are ideal for both recreational and technical divers as they’re robust and well-made, and fit most people – bearded or not.

Put it to the Test

Go scuba diving in Cancun whether you’re clean-shaven or sporting a beard! You’ll be guaranteed personal attention, free quality equipment rental, transportation from the dive shop and back, and an amazing underwater experience.

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