Tulum Ruins Boat View

Snorkel in the Bluest waters

Tulum Ruins Boat View and Snorkel in Soliman Bay Reef

Your Tulum Boat Tour

Get to see the famous Tulum Ruins from the ocean, best spot for taking amazing photos and then cool off while snorkeling at one of the secret reef locations near Tulum.

Soliman Bay & Tulum Ruins View – *Tour currently not available Prices in USD Duration
Soliman Bay Reef snorkel & Tulum Ruins View from Tulum $109 / person 8am-1pm
Soliman Bay Reef snorkel & Tulum Ruins View from Playa del Carmen $109 / person 8am-1pm

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Prices include:

  • Free Fins & Snorkel Rental
  • Free GoPro & Video lights rental
  • Transportation from our dive shops in Tulum or Playa del Carmen and back
  • All snorkel sites entrance fees
  • Refreshing drinks & light lunch
  • Guide


Tulum Ruins – the Ancient Wall City

Tulum ruins are one of the must-visit spots while you are here. But imagine seeing them from the sea. How cool is that.

Tulum ruins are located to the south of Playa Del Carmen – 62km (you can get there for 30 mins from Playa). The most spectacular thing about the ruins is the view from there – they are facing the Caribbean sea to the west. Due to its strategic location Tulum was a major post for sea trade during 13th-14th century. Tulum, which means “wall” in the Maya language, was first built as a fortress – secured with a wall from 3 sides and the sea to the west. With time it grew to be the an important connection point between the Yucatan peninsula and the gulf of Mexico. Parts of the ancient walled city were also of great religious and ceremonial value.

Tulum Ruins


Soliman Bay – Private Sea Snorkel Spot

Soliman bay reef is one of the few secret reefs in Tulum, knows only by the locals. The conditions and visibility are amazing all year long. You can see many fish, corals and even turtles. The non-crowded beach – a few kilometres north of Tulum – is the Ko’ox Diving team’s favorite site for going for a snorkel in the sea. It is a very special spot – an enclosed bay with beautiful surroundings. Soliman bay’s coral reef is very beautiful with abundance of life at a shallow depth of about 2 meters. The ideal secret snorkeling spot where you can encounter lots of local reef fish such as barracudas, eagle rays, manta rays. If you are lucky you can meet sea turtles, and even nurse sharks. Sometimes you even get to see small crocodiles sunbathing close to the dirt road. Some local birds like pelicans and marine eagles may also come to say “Hola”.

Soliman Bay reef for Snorkel


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