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Translucent Blue Waters – Cenote Dos Ojos

Incredibly clear turquoise blue waters. Stunning geology and nature. Warm temperatures all year round. There are many reasons why Cenote Dos Ojos is such a famous spot for both snorkeling and cave diving in Mexico. Despite the name, Dos Ojos (the English translation of this would be “Two Eyes”) is made up of two sinkhole entrances and a third large main cavern linked by a long passageway.

Discover the Beauty of Dos Ojos – one of the Most Popular Cenote Diving Locations in Tulum, Mexico

Here you will experience the excitement of swimming alongside fish, freshwater shrimp and breathtaking geology – all made incredibly easy to view by the comfortably warm, clear water. Follow the hidden route to another small cave and break the surface to find where hundreds of bats make their home, flitting around the cavern roof.

All of this adds up to Cenote Dos Ojos being hugely popular and an awe-inspiring spot for both beginners and experienced divers alike.

How to get to Dos Ojos

The cenote is situated in Dos Ojos Natural Park. The park lies 22km north of Tulum on the road which leads to Playa del Carmen. There’s still another 54km to go before you reach the resort town though, so there’s no way to get confused! Coming from Tulum to the south, you will see the turnoff to the park clearly signposted for several kilometres before you come up to the entrance. In short, it’s very easy to find.

Enter the park and you will instantly spot the building which contains the registry office. Here you’ll need to pay a small entrance fee.

After you’ve done that, continue down the road into the park along the road signposted “Dos Ojos Cenote”. Upon arrival, it’s a very short walk indeed to the ground-level opening of the first cavern. Here you’ll spot some benches for putting on your snorkeling equipment or diving gear, as well as a small flight of wooden steps down into the first shallow area of water.

Your Cenote Dos Ojos Tour

A Cenote Dos Ojos tour is an amazing experience, cementing its status as one of the must-do dives among both locals and tourists alike. There is plenty of natural light, fantastic sights and the water is always balmy. Plus, there are good facilities and no need for any serious off-road excursions to find the entrance.

Dos Ojos cave diving with Ko’ox is a 1-tank dive. The temperature of the water is a very pleasant 24-25°C all year round. Snorkeling is many peoples’ preferred way to experience this particular cenote and is of a level which is suitable for all ages.
We will provide you with all the necessary equipment for this dive: 5mm wetsuit, boots, fins, mask, BCD or a plate with harness and wing, DIN regulators scuba pro, Hog, aqualung, apex, dive computer, lights and a Go Pro camera.

Unlike many other cenotes in Mexico, the flying population of the Batcave (yes that is its name) does good work keeping the local insect population at low levels. Despite this, it may be worth bringing biological bug spray with you just in case.
Certification: you need to have Open Water Divinh qualification.

Dos Ojos Tours Prices

Dos Ojos ToursPricesDurationGet this tour
1 dive in Dos Ojos – Barbie Line$1591:30 – 4:30pmBook Now
2 dives in Dos Ojos – Bat Cave & Barbie Line$1898am – 1:30pmBook Now
2 dives in different cenotes: we recommend Dos Ojos and El Pit or Casa Cenote$1898am – 1:30pmBook Now
2 cave dives: we recommend Gran Cenote’s Cuzana Loop & Paso del Lagarto$1899am – 2pmBook Now
Snorkel in Dos Ojos & Casa cenote$998am – 12:30pmBook Now
Snorkel in Dos Ojos & Soliman Bay Reef$998am – 1:30pmBook Now
Snorkel in Dos Ojos & Cenote Hilario$998am – 1:30pmBook Now

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Prices include:
Transportation to and from the meeting point
High quality dive equipment rental: full dive gear set, tanks, air, 5mm wetsuit, boots, fins, bcd, dive computer and torches
Free GoPro & video lights rental
Insurance for you and your belongings
Prices are fixed, regardless of the number of people in the group.
2-4 people small group visits – every day, meeting points available: Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras
Open water certification or equivalent is required for scuba diving.
Cave diving certification is required for cave diving.
For private tours, please contact us, so we can provide an exclusive offer for you.

The Topography of Dos Ojos

Imagining the view from far above, you can understand how “Two Eyes” got its name. There are two sinkholes, each around 70 metres in diameter, linked by a 400m long connecting passage with a larger central cavern in between the two sinkhole entrances.

At surface level, Cenote Dos Ojos is breathtaking. The water is almost a translucent blue, warm and inviting. The immediate cave floor is made of sand. It’s only at the cave edges where the darker water starts and divers can sink away beneath the earth. Depending on which sinkhole you enter from, the stalagmites and stalactites can offer an air of mystery which is only heightened as you explore the tunnels and caves between the Two Eyes.

This particular cenote, which has a maximum depth of 10 meters (around 33 feet), is part of the larger Sistema Dos Ojos cave system. This is the third largest in the entire world and also includes the famous El Pit, the deepest area and one of the most highly recommended for slightly more experienced divers.

Cenote Dos Ojos Snorkeling

Dos Ojos cave is fantastic for diving, but it’s a wonderful choice for snorkellers of all ages too. With shallower and deeper sections both offering interesting, almost paradisical sights and interesting geological features, even young children will enjoy a visit.

The Natural Park

There are plenty of facilities around the two cavern openings too. Take a break from your dive and enjoy a snack and relax beneath the jungle foliage or wander around before dipping back beneath the surface.

The Batcave

The Batcave is a unique area of Dos Ojos which can be accessed easily as long as you have a local guide on your dive. A great many bats can be seen flying and resting in and around the roof of the cave. They keep the insect population of the cenote at a record low, making it a very forgiving, paradise-like location.


Q. How long is the dive?
A. A dive starting at each entrance is possible, with each route being very different. Each dive can last around 45 minutes.
Q. How deep will we go?
A. The maximum depth of the cenote is 10 meters.
Q. How far can I see when we get down there?
A. The water in this cave is quite stunningly clear.
Q. Is there an entrance fee?
A. Yes. You will need to pay a small entrance fee when you enter the park. If you are visiting the cenote with us – all fees are included in the tour price.
Q. Can I park?
A. Yes, there are parking spaces.
Q. Are there a bathroom and showers?
A. Yes, there is an ecological bathroom and showers.
Q. Can I buy food and drinks there?
A. No. We suggest that you take some food and drinks with you. If you are visiting the cenote with us – we will be bring drinks.
Q. How easy is it to get into the cenote?
A. Very easy. Though you should always be careful getting in and out of the water, of course – especially when laden down with your diving gear – there is a well maintained wooden jetty and shallow steps leading down into the water. It is easily accessible for all ages.

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