The Dream Dive - Cenote El Pit

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Explore the Amazing Beauty of Cenote El Pit

Cenote el Pit is located 15 minutes away from our shop, on the road to Playa del Carmen, it has parking lot, dive tables for assembling equipment, ecological bathrooms and showers, but no shops to buy food or drinks. The cenote is in the middle of the jungle, it has a nice stairs into the water with a small deck for easy access, it also has a rope if needed for bringing down equipment.

This cenote is one of the deepest in the area, it goes down to around 300 feet in to the cave, and you reach a small restriction, once you pass it you make it into the wakulla room that drops another 300 feet. But we are only going to dive up to 120 feet. This cenote is very particular, at the depth of 40 feet to 60 feet you can see the Halocline (salt water mixing with fresh water). When you reach the depth of 100 feet you encounter with a cloud of hydrogen sulfur cloud, its like flying through a cloud, the most beautiful and intriguing part of the dive is the way the light penetrates through the cenote, it reaches all the way down to the cloud, a 100 feet beam of light, it lights the whole cavern, where a jumbo jet can fit inside. At the celling of the cenotes you can see many stalactites, making a nice decoration, on the south part of the cenote, you can appreciate how a cascade just to run through there, when the water level was way below than its now. In this cenote was found a couple of bones and a skull, dating around 10 000 years old. You can still see small parts left from the archeological team. Make your vacation even more fun with diving in cenotes.

One of the best dives to do around Tulum, we call it the Dream Dive!

Recommendations: Bring biological bug spray, at kook diving we provide with all the necessary equipment for this dive (5 mm wetsuit, boots, fins, mask, bcd or a plate with harness and a wing, DIN regulators scuba pro, Hog, aqua lung, apex, dive computer, lights, and a go pro camera).


Dive time: 40 minutes!
Depth: 120 feet!
Temperature: 78 degrees Fahrenheit!
Tanks: 1 dive
Calcification: Advance open water or show proof that you heave done deep dives.
Bathrooms: Yes, ecological!
Parking: Yes!
Entrance fee: Yes!
Snorkeling: Yes
Visibility: 100 feet or more

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