Dive into beauty of Gran Cenote

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Discover the underwater heaven of Gran Cenote

Gran cenote is located 10 minutes from our shop, on the road to coba, it has parking lot, dive tables for assembling equipment, bathrooms, showers, there is a small restaurant, and a shop that sells food and drinks. to get into the water one has to walk about 20 feet and get to a wooden stairs that go down about 10 feet, there is a big platform, a giant strike into the water is recommended for easy access into the water. It has two wooden latters to come out of the water.

This cenote has a depth of 30 feet, is one of the most decorate caverns in the area, full of speleotherms (stalgtite, stalagmites, and columns). The water is crystal clear, in the open water part of the cenote is full of plants, (lirios). Near the Gran cenote you can see a couple of fresh water turtles taking a sun bath at the surface, is also one of the best caves dives around Tulum. When you reach the end of the line you can see at the surface some baths hang in on tyne ceiling of the tunnel. Koox Diving offers a 40 minute dive and your buoyancy has to be very good, remember first is our safety, and second is the conservation.


Bring biological bug spray, at kook diving we provide with all the necessary equipment for this dive (5 mm wetsuit, boots, fins, mask, bcd or a plate with harness and a wing, DIN regulators scuba pro, Hog, aqua lung, apex, dive computer, lights, and a Go PRO camera)!

Dive time: 40 minutes!
Depth: 30 feet!
Temperature: 78 degrees Fahrenheit!
Tanks: 1!
Calcification: Open water or 1 star!
Bathrooms: Yes, ecological!
Parking: Yes!
Entrance fee: Yes!
Snorkeling: Yes!
Halocline: No!
Hydrogen sulfire cloud: No!
Tonic cloud: No!

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