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Koox offers snorkelling and diving in Dos Ojos cenote

The name Dos Ojos (Two Eyes) refers to two neighbouring cenotes which are connected by an extensive series of caves. Viewed from above, they very much resemble a pair of eyes.

In your Dos Ojos diving experience you’ll enjoy balmy water temperatures which stay between 24 and 25°C throughout the year! The caves have a maximum depth of 10 meters, and the water is exceptionally clear. Many bats can be seen flying and resting in the roof the Batcave (as it’s known), a unique area which can be accessed easily. The bats keep the insect population of the cenote at a record low, making it a forgiving, paradise-like location.

Dos Ojos cave is a prime site of the Mexico diving scene, and also a great spot for snorkellers. Definitely not to be missed!

Dos Ojos Cave Diving – The Experience

The first impression you’ll get of the cenote will take your breath away! The water is incredibly clear, and dominated by a turquoise colour which is warm and inviting when viewed from above, and pleasantly eerie yet beautiful beneath the surface. The stalagmites and stalactites give the cave an air of mystery which is only heightened as you explore the tunnels and caves between the Two Eyes!

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