Dive into the crystal clear Casa Cenote

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Explore the underwater heaven of Casa Cenote

Casa cenote also known as cenote Manatee, is located about 10 minutes from the shop, on the road to Playa del Carmen, there is portable restroom at the cenote, if you what you can also use the restroom from the restaurant, it has a cost of $10 pesos to use it, it doesn’t have any dive table for assembling your equipment, there is no latter or platform to go in to the water, it has a natural rock formation that gives easy access to the water. It has parking lot and a shopping store near by were you can buy food and drinks. This cenote is connected to the ocean so you can see fresh water fish and salt water fish (small gropers, snapers, barracuda, tarpon, blue crabs, and molys).

You dive under the mangroves, and you can see the halo cline in this dive (salt water mixing with fresh water).

The depth in this cenote is 20 feet the deepest, water is crystal clear, sometimes when it rains too much, you get a mild current going top the ocean and also you get a tonic water from the rain and the mangroves that gives a cool color effect under water, in side of a cavern path you can see turtle bones and if you are lucky you might see one day a turtle, sting ray or even a manatee, inside the cenote.

This cenote is part of sac aktun system, its the end of it reaching the sea, one of my favorite spots for photo shoots, early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Here is the best place to teach beginners how to dive, you have to concentrate on your buoyancy pretty much the whole dive.

Recommendations: Bring biological bug spray, at kook diving we provide with all the necessary equipment for this dive (5 mm wetsuit, boots, fins, mask, bcd or a plate with harness and a wing, DIN regulators scuba pro, Hog, aqua lung, apex, dive computer, lights, and a go pro camera)!

Dive time: 40 minutes!
Depth: 20 feet!
Temperature: 78 degrees Fahrenheit! tanks: 1!
Calcification: Open water, or 1 star!!
Bathrooms: Yes, ecological!
Parking: Yes!
Entrance fee: Yes!
Snorkeling: Yes

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