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Unique Crocodile Night Dive and Snorkel Tour

Diving and snorkeling with the saltwater crocodiles in Tulum, is what you have come here for.

This is a unique adventure that only Koox Diving can offer you. You get the chance to watch the crocodiles in their natural habitat during the night. You can also see other interesting species such as shads, frogs and other animals active at night.


It is a very beautiful setting, under the sky full of stars.  An unforgettable experience.

And it is completely safe. We take no more than 6 people at a time. You will be in the good company of a crocodile guide, a diver and a Kayak assistant.

We take you to an open cenote under the stars, at the entrance of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere. And it is adventure time: you can see between three or four saltwater crocodiles, from small ones to 2 meter long ones.

You are completely safe with Koox Diving in the company of the saltwater crocs. They are busy feeding with frogs and other small animals, as they usually do so at night.  Diving with saltwater crocodiles is performed by diving beneath them using a torch for light. The crocodiles simply float on the water surface.

Make your time in Tulum a lifetime memory with the team of Koox Diving. Book any of our diving tours and take a look over underwater life around Tulum.

Come and meet us at 9pm at the Koox diving shop, we pick up the equipment and departure to
the crocodile adventure returning to the shop around 11:30pm same day.

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