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Unique Experience of Mexican Caves

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Cave Diving in Riviera Maya – Explore the Underwater Beauty of Mexican Caves

Quintana Roo area is one of the richest in underwater cave formations in the world. Its Caribbean coastline, Riviera Maya, is home to the largest and longest underwater caves with the recently discovered Nonoch Nah Chich declared the largest cave in the area (2007) and Sistema San Actun – the second largest underwater cave in the world. The professional cave divers from Ko’ox Diving will be looking out for your safety while you are granted the opportunity to explore all the history preserved in every corner of these ancient local caves. You will have the unique chance to dive guided by world famous cave dive explorers: Nick Toussaint and Jesus Guzman Diaz (Chucho), founders of dive certification organizations, with own diving equipment line, hundreds of cave dives and exploration projects for National Geographic and Lonely Planet.

Enjoy and remember that this unique experience can be enjoyed only by fully trained cave divers under the supervision and guidance of their certified local guide.

Respect the cave, dive with caution. Please consider yourself a guest of these fragile cave life and formations. Leave the caves untouched in the exact way you found them when you entered.

Cave Diving Prices

2-4 people group visits – every day, meeting point Koox Diving Shop

1 cave dive (Dos Ojos, Gran Cenote, Chac Mool etc.) from $185 9:00-14:00
2 cave dives (Dos Ojos, Gran Cenote, Chac Mool etc.) from $214 9:00-14:00
Private Cave Dive personalised offer at your convenience


All prices are per person, in a group of 3 people. Prices vary depending on the number of people in the group. Transportation from the shop and back, cave entrance fees, a certified technical diver instructor and all equipment are included. Cave diving requires Technical Cave Diving certification.

For private cave diving tours, please contact us, so we can provide an exclusive offer for you.

Scuba cylinders air filling is also available.

Cave Systems in Riviera Maya

Cave Diving Locations to Explore:

  • Dos Ojos cave system
  • Sistema Sac Actun – main entrance Gran Cenote
  • Ponderosa cave system
  • Taj ma Ha cave system
  • Aktun Koh cave system
  • Sistema Naranal
  • Nonoch Nah Chich – largest cave in the area

Always respect the cave and your own limitations!!

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