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Let's Go Diving in Tulum - It's a Wonderful Adventure

Let Koox Diving organize a safe, relaxed and wonderful experience for you. Have a Worry-Free Dive – Get all the personal attention and care you need to be comfortable enough while diving or snorkelling. Swim in Comfort & Safety – Koox’ competent diving instructors with over 16 years of experience are very strict on safety and preparations. Take the Plunge Fully Equipped –  You’ll use new well-maintained equipment – complete diving gear set, 5 mm wetsuit including boots and torches. Let’s Have Fun – Koox Dive Masters are friendly and patient, allowing you to feel comfortable while having an amazing experience. 

Never dived before? – No problem, we’ll teach you

Can you swim? That’s all you need. If you have never dived before, you can try snorkeling or make your first dive with a certified Dive Master in an open air cenote. Diving courses and certification are also available. We’ll make sure you always get personal and professional care according to your diving experience. Relax and leave everything in our hands. Simply enjoy and experience the beauty beneath the surface.


Diving Tours
Snorkel 2 sites$99
Cenotes 2 dives$189
1 Cave dive – Dos Ojos$189
1 dive in the ocean$120
Cozumel Reef – 2 dives$260
Whale Shark snorkel$250
Bull Sharks – 2 dives$180
Crocodile Night snorkel$150
Courses & Training
Discovery (Casa Cenote)$150
Scuba Diver (Casa Cenote)$350
Open Water$450
Advanced Open Water$450
Dive Master      $1000
Scuba Explorer DEF$450
Tech Diving IDREO$985
Cave Diving IDREO   $1043
Rebreather IDREO$650



Tulum - The Best Place for Your Mexican Caribbean Adventure

Diving in Tulum is an amazing experience - you get to discover stunningly beautiful cenotes with incredible stalactite/stalagmite formations. With us you'll visit the most fascinating places along the Caribbean coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula: Tulum, Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Cozumel coral reefs and many more. You’ll observe the incredible local underwater flora and fauna: sea turtles, reef fish and corals, manta rays, whale and bull sharks. The area is unique with its white sand beaches and incredible cenotes, offering both perfect conditions for beginner divers, as well as the possibility of exciting cenote and scuba diving in the coral reefs in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. Koox Diving Shop in Tulum, has been specializing in exploring cenotes and underwater caves for more than 16 years now. We also offer snorkeling tours in cenotes, diving with whale sharks, bull sharks, as well as crocodile night tours and other amazing activities such as cave diving, kite surfing and paddle boarding!



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